Pituitary tumor commonly used method

By | October 29, 2011

Pituitary tumor inspection methods used are as follows:
1 pituitary tumor commonly used inspection methods. Pituitary tumor endocrine examination
Pituitary tumor imaging is generally believed that hormone adenoma patients, prolactin values> 200 mg / l means prolactinomas, prolactin values> 100 mg /, about 60% of prolactinomas, prolactin values in the as / l, about 25% of prolactinomas. Growth values> 20 g / L who often can be diagnosed as growth stimulated (GH), growth hormone values 5 – 0 g / L were 30% for adenoma growth hormone (GH).
Adrenocorticotropic hormone skin is normal or moderately elevated values (40-200 micrograms / with plasma cortisol and 24-hour urinary free cortisol. Conducive to diagnose ACTH adenoma. Pituitary function test state can be observed from different sources and levels under the mounds of the regulation and secretion status.
Inspection methods used pituitary tumor 2. Pituitary tumor imaging
(1) X-ray examination: X-ray of skull with intracranial tumor important points, sella sella thin layer tablets can be displayed before the increase of depth to diameter, spherical expansion of the pituitary fossa, the basis for the diagnosis.
(2) CT scan: tumor size can be qualitatively and observation and direction, and according to CT scan results, clinical sellar radiography thin layer is proposed L magnetic resonance imaging classification of pituitary adenomas (MRI); can be observed tumor , location and growth direction for the qualitative diagnosis.

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