Five symptoms of primary lung cancer

By | October 29, 2011

Primary lung cancer symptoms, mainly on the tumor location, size and level of development. Early peripheral lung cancer often asymptomatic, and early central lung cancer you can see the corresponding symptoms such as cough, sputum, blood, and so on. The most common primary lung cancer symptoms are:
(1) cough: a common first symptom of lung cancer. Its main feature is paroxysmal irritating cough, no sputum or a small amount of foam from the sputum, difficult for drug control, co-infection increased, the improvement seen after absorption of anti-inflammatory treatment.
(2) bloody sputum: a common starting lung disease is often a continuous or repeated intermittent small amount of bloody sputum, blood, sputum less, occasional hemoptysis, fresh color.
(3) primary lung cancer symptoms chest pain: more than mild pain, such as pain who sustained severe positioning, can not be used as general analgesics more pleural involvement.
(4) fever: after tumor compression or obstruction of bronchial pulmonary infection, body temperature usually around 38 C, followed by the swelling caused by tumor necrosis toxin absorption of fever, anti-inflammatory often ineffective.
(5) shortness of breath symptoms of primary lung cancer: the growth of cancer in the mouth when a large tube.

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