Peripheral carcinoid tumors and carcinoid tumor of the difference between micro-

By | March 27, 2012

Peripheral carcinoid tumor with carcinoid Micro: Micro-carcinoid tumors occur in the respiratory bronchioles, the lesion was bronchial neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia nests, mimicking morphology of peripheral carcinoid tumor.
Peripheral carcinoid tumor with carcinoid slightly different, the main identification points:
a. Micro-carcinoid tumor without clinical symptoms, X ray because of small size is difficult to find;
b. carcinoid tumor micro, small size, the average 3 to 4 persons; average diameter of peripheral carcinoid 2.4cm.
c. carcinoid tumor of the physical micro-respiratory bronchioles to the center, the proliferation of neuroendocrine cells in the mucous membrane of bamboo skin bronchitis, was nested structure, the number of proliferative cells in a long time, can damage the bronchi, or even destruction of the bronchial wall; peripheral bronchial carcinoid tumors occur in the terminal, may be cited Sa bronchiectasis or lung parenchymal atrophy;
d. microscope: micro-carcinoid neuroendocrine tumor proliferation was nested package or in pieces, massive infiltration, do not form the morphological characteristics of endocrine tumors; and carcinoid is a neuroendocrine tumor tissue structure, such as organ-like, palisading, Mission-shaped ribbon-like flying off like structure. This is a carcinoid tumor and carcinoid tumors of the major micro-identification of points;
e. carcinoid micro-cells, mimicking SCLC cancer cells. Peripheral carcinoid tumor with carcinoid difference between micro and SCLC main difference is that carcinoid same type of micro cells, rare mitotic figures, also seen necrosis of tumor small.
Peripheral carcinoid tumor with carcinoid slightly different, colorful structure of carcinoid tumors, in addition to typical carcinoid and atypical carcinoid tumors, the composition and structure based on characteristics of swelling can be divided into carcinoid ossification, but eosinophilic carcinoid tumors, follicular carcinoid, carcinoid, and melanoma cells such as papillary carcinoid. In carcinoid tumors, attention should be changed on the above understanding of the structure.

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