Pathophysiology of gastric cancer after surgery – diarrhea

By | April 2, 2012

Pathophysiology of gastric cancer after surgery – diarrhea, post-gastrectomy dumping syndrome does not occur, but some patients with chronic diarrhea, intestinal infection is not due.
After gastric cancer surgery pathophysiology – diarrhea (1) etiology: a gastric surgical removal of the Select with right node will vagus nerve stem cut off, or expanding the clear perigastric lymph nodes, particularly in clean, damage celiac ganglia and superior mesenteric ganglia (mainly sympathetic, around the clock at work the same name) and the coverage surrounding the two arteries around the thick nerve bundles.
Because these two ganglia, the descending colon and rectum than beam, the dominant way to digest all of the official abdominal extensively damage the ganglion or nerve bundle, then after causing severe diarrhea, leading to malnutrition. Another reason is that most of the whole stomach or gastric resection, or esophageal jejunostomy complete type reconstruction of digestive tract, the duodenum by exclusion, after induction of the food produced film, protein, fat digestion, absorption, causing diarrhea. Nearly half of them are affected by diarrhea in the labor force.
Pathophysiology of gastric cancer after surgery – diarrhea (2) Prevention: Clear the lymph nodes, lymph node metastases and invasion of ganglia, nerve bundles, the doubt should be covered by the nerve tissue around the artery completely removed, or else, usually clear perigastric lymph nodes, coverage of the periarterial nerve bundles should be retained.
In particular, surgery on the mucosa in early gastric cancer in recent years, advocates reduction surgery, gastric resection to reduce the vagus nerve stem should be retained. Digestive tract reconstruction, and strive to meet the physiological effect of food by the way, mixing of food and digestive juices, food contact duodenum new film, a variety of digestive enzymes, hormones to be activated, secretion, while increasing the absorption area.

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