Pathology of ovarian cancer in Medicine

By | May 2, 2012

Ovarian cancer in the medical pathology of ovarian cancer pathogenesis, nothing more than for the inside and outside of the interaction due to external causes more than six evils from time to time for the gas and toxin intrusion; internal changes often caused by emotional impulse term, organs gas blood disorders, endogenous cult poison. Pathogenicity of the toxin can result from exogenous, can also be caused by internal injuries, but often the two joint disease. Such as the usually cold temperature disloyal or diet adjustment, blood and viscera function caused by weakness, can be pathogenic endogenous toxin; or after endogenous toxin, and exogenous six evils of the evil, evil can not stay, business health disorders, drugs, evil and blood, air, sputum, wet and mutual Results and pathogenicity.
"Medical people door lump in the abdomen" that Zhengjia accumulation by the "swelling of the liver can make the block into the air together, the pieces are dead blood sputum, and food product made of visible matter, one can accumulate Zhengjia." ("Must-read of Medicine Total demonstration governance "on the plot of as because" as also by the plot, lack of righteousness and then enjoying one of the evil, the body of the seven emotions and activities, namely joy, anger, worry, anxiety, grief, fear, panic, under normal circumstances is the external manifestations of human spiritual activity. However, if the emotional over-excited or inhibited, the five internal organs are easily lead to blood disorders caused by disease. such as the "Miraculous Pivot Shouyao Rigid articles", saying "fear anger sorrow hurt gas , gas attack or injury is dirty. "Again, (" Su asked to cite the pain of the "cloud" anger is gas; HI gas is slow; sad then the gas consumption; fear of the gas; cold of the gas collection; worry about the gas vent; shock the gas chaos; workers of the gas consumption; thought is angry. "illustrate the different emotions and changes in air-to human activities have affected, can lead to different diseases. in medicine, the seven emotions in a variety of changes important role in cancer etiology, such as the Ming Dynasty physician Li boat in the "accumulation of all medical people belong to the spleen gate" proposed ", stagnation injured spleen, muscle Consumers thin, and the evils Xiang Bo, from sarcoma." and the accumulation of the same disease with different names. had a very emotional changes, long-term conditions fail to materialize Shu, mental stress, can be caused by air-block, and then induced blood stasis, phlegm knot, wet depression, are prone to cause blood, sputum, gas, humidity, etc. each node in the lower abdomen, caused by Chong and Ren disorders, poor blood, from disease product.
Medical pathology of ovarian cancer in 1. Qi stagnation impassioned internal injuries, gas-poor, or the cult poison intrusion, or Jiubingtixu, kidney do not charge, can be washed any damage, caused by blood disorders, a sea of blood overflow storage disorders, blood disorders stroke end and made for the product.
2. Phlegm usually cold pool temperature disloyal or diet adjustment, blood and viscera of function caused by weakness, not shipped wet, wet endogenous evil, falling into the sputum, phlegm pump knot on the Conception Vessel, any loss of red words, gas -poor, phlegm, etc. Results from blood disorder product.
3. Humid poison Results diet, wet evil endogenous or exogenous six evils of the evil, evil people in missed not poison, drugs, evil and blood, gas, sputum, wet on the Ren and mutual Results Erzhi disease product.
4. Qi and blood deficiency usually spleen and kidney deficiency, but also a sense of six evils cult poison, cult poison and blood phlegm and other symptoms each node in the Conception Vessel Erzhi plot. Died of disease or plot the course of time, further Haoshang blood, organs dystrophy, blood and viscera of dysfunction is further aggravated disease is difficult to plot.
Ovarian cancer in the medical pathology, in short, ovarian cancer is similar to Chinese medicine, "Zheng Jia", "accumulation," according to the clinical "disease" or "product" differentiation therapy. Ovarian cancer and the occurrence of red blood and viscera of any dysfunction related to the disease located in the ovary.

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