Overview of ovarian cancer

By | May 2, 2012

Overview of ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer is that malignant tumors occur in ovarian tissue. In ancient Chinese medicine, the ovarian cancer are "Zheng Jia", accumulation, "" gut cover "and other areas.
Ovarian cancer is the most common gynecological diseases. National data show that ovarian cancer in gynecologic patients, the highest incidence of 23.9%, the lowest was 4.2%, with an average 9.0%. Benign and malignant tumors of the ratio of about 9:1. Overseas data show that nearly 75% of ovarian tumors are benign, only 25% were malignant. Ovarian cancer accounts for about 15% of all gynecological malignancies.
The incidence of ovarian cancer in women the proportion of common malignant tumors was 2.4% and 5.6%. In the female reproductive tract in third place, behind cancer, cervical cancer and Palace. In recent years, due to cervical cancer and cancer prevention Palace, and achieved some success, and about effective prevention and treatment of ovarian cancer is relatively small, so the women in the reproductive system cancer, ovarian cancer, caused the highest mortality.
Overview of ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer can occur at any age, but mostly occurs in the most productive period of ovarian function, followed by the ground during the Decline Wang. Ovarian function has not yet started in infancy, the lowest incidence of ovarian cancer. The age distribution of ovarian cancer patients after the age of 40 the highest. Age and the nature of the tumor. The peak incidence of benign tumors in 20 to 44 age group, but the peak is in a vicious 64-year-old age group of 45.

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