Pancreatic cancer metastatic sites

By | November 16, 2011

Metastatic sites of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer early prone to infiltration around the bile duct, common bile duct early invasive pancreatic carcinoma often, even small pancreatic duct and a considerable distance away, but also the apparent infiltration of the bile ducts. This is not the direct infiltration of cancer tissue, but infiltration of metastatic pancreatic cancer may be reached through the pancreatic duct within the wall of lymphatic spread.
Transfer method of pancreatic ductal carcinoma within the duct from the pancreas to the peripheral nerve to the last to the lymphatic vessels. Characteristics of pancreatic lymph node metastatic sites are on the group of head of pancreas and pancreaticoduodenal lymph node metastasis more common after the group; pancreatic body under the group and head of pancreas lymph node metastasis group, followed by splenic area, common bile duct after fewer lymph nodes around the stomach found in lymph node metastases. Although there are nearby lymphatic vessels in early pancreatic cancer, peripheral nerves and loose connective tissue infiltration, but not necessarily with lymph node metastasis.
Pancreatic cancer was reported in 0.4 cm-O.3 cm, lymphatic pathology Shangsi a nerve, adjacent to the infiltration of loose connective tissue, but no peripancreatic lymph node metastases.Pancreatic metastatic sites to survive, first, the growth of nearby blood vessels in the cancer area that is smaller when the Aikuai possible violations of the portal vein and artery. Even if a small violation of the portal vein pancreatic cancer, surgical resection should not be abandoned. However, surgical resection of early pancreatic cancer, you can not just be satisfied with partial resection of the tumor should be close to the connective tissue, peripheral nerve, and abdominal lymph nodes be removed, in theory, surgical procedures to complete.

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