Pain management in patients with gastric cancer

By | November 29, 2011

Gastric cancer patients with pain, mostly pain, dull pain, tingling. Ministry can be seen in the early intermittent epigastric pain on physical examination may have abdominal tenderness. If the Friends of the Air Ministry official sold the stomach can sheng rhythmic pain, pain to a lesser extent, does not affect the diet and sleep. Nursed back to health if the diet or take more than ordinary painkillers can reduce pain. As the tumor site, stomach pain also will increase, frequent seizures, and even continued to understand the pain of time irregular, often because of the pain affect sleeping and eating, and the service generally does not ease the pain medication. When the gastric cancer invading the pancreas only when severe pain and radiation to the lower back.
Care for patients with gastric pain, sedation and analgesia aims to improve the quality of life of patients, rational use of analgesics as follows:
Gastric cancer patients with pain management (1) cancer pain, psychological care, elimination of general anesthesia in patients with toxic drugs because of fears arising from ideological concerns, make clear to the patient, the doctor will develop according to the patient's individual situation the best pain relief for their own programs, from small starting dose, with regular drug-based, supplemented by "necessary" to increase the dose as way to reduce the patient to achieve the purpose of pain. Long-term use of opioid therapy may produce drug resistance and physical dependence, but never confused with addiction.
Patients with gastric cancer pain management (2) route of administration, the preferred route of administration is orally after meals. Should not be used if the rectal or oral administration of subcutaneous administration. Should try not to use intramuscular injection. Because the injection of drugs not only pain, and inconvenience, while the effect is not absorbed as before in three ways.
Pain management in patients with gastric cancer (3) adverse reactions observed: As the sensitivity of opioid side effects and individual differences, health care workers and family members should observe the patient's mental state, with or without drowsiness, confusion and even coma, breathing element suppression, pupillary or without narrowing and other changes, if any, exceptions should take timely measures.
Pain management in patients with gastric cancer (4) save, Manalo intoxicated is a rescue opioid respiratory depression caused by the drug of choice, the specific circumstances should be used under the guidance of doctors.
Patients with gastric cancer pain management (5) diet, should be light digestible, if the pain persists should not have liquid food; Chinese herb decoction should be used several hours service, for the hard texture of the tablets or pills can be used warm water of the open, taking; can eat more food in favor of defecation, such as bananas, honey, vegetables to prevention of long-term use of opioids cause constipation, laxative drugs can be serious, or preventive treatment.

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