Overview of Kidney Cancer

By | April 22, 2012

Overview of renal tumors, adult malignant renal tumors account for about 2%, accounting for urological cancer incidence in China second only to bladder cancer. Kidney cancer incidence and mortality rates were significantly different States, Europe and the United States than in China and Japan. In recent years, the incidence of renal tumors tended to increase but the mortality rate is declining and medical technological progress, which may be cancer to early detection and timely therapy. Most of malignant kidney tumors more common in clinical renal tumors from the renal parenchyma accounted for 85% kidney cancer, Wilms tumor accounts for 5% -6%, from the renal pelvis urothelial carcinoma of renal calices of 7% – 8% and 3% sarcoma. In children with Wilms tumor in 20%, is the most common abdominal tumor in children.
Overview of kidney cancer, kidney cancer patient because so far not clear. Epidemiologists have done a lot of investigation and found that smoking, obesity, certain occupations, hypertension, diabetes, radiation, food and medicine, genetic and other factors may be related to renal cancer incidence.
Overview of renal tumors, due to renal tumor of early no symptoms, to improve cancer prevention knowledge and universal periodic health examination of early detection, early treatment has become the key to improving the survival rate of renal tumors. In fact, the last 5 years, Huadong Hospital statistics: kidney cancer surgery more than half of patients are asymptomatic healthy B-by found the vast majority of these cases of early kidney cancer, kidney cancer radical surgery is excellent.

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