How can we detect early pancreatic cancer

By | April 22, 2012

How can we detect early pancreatic cancer, due to advanced pancreatic cancer will spread to surrounding organs, such as biliary tract, intestines, stomach, blood vessels and around the liver, is difficult to excision, treatment is difficult. Therefore, a very short survival of patients with an average of 6 months. So be sure to emphasize early detection of pancreatic cancer, early treatment, because early pancreatic cancer has not spread, to surgical resection, which is critical to the treatment of pancreatic cancer. So, how can early detection of pancreatic cancer? Here we talk about the issues.
1. Early signs of pancreatic cancer
How can we detect early pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer neural confused, he could not feel uncomfortable position, because this feeling is not clear. Such as: and eat chili, drink, hunger has nothing to do. And this uncomfortable feeling is continuing uninterrupted, and will gradually increase the pain became faint, implicated in the back of the waist, back, sometimes accompanied by weight loss, physical fatigue, weakness, or of diabetes. This is an early manifestation of pancreatic cancer. This occurs to the hospital to be checked.
2. Regular health checks
How can we detect early pancreatic cancer, by the above analysis, we already know that the early pancreatic cancer clinical manifestations was not obvious, is not easy to arouse people's vigilance and early detection. But with B-1 cm was able to find early pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer if at this time of about 2 cm in diameter; then it confined to the pancreas which, if untreated, can achieve clinical cure. Then rely on it? Is by periodic medical examinations. General physical examination six months once the early detection of pancreatic cancer.

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