Overview of colorectal cancer

By | May 4, 2012

Overview of colorectal cancer, colorectal cancer is one of common malignant tumors in the digestive tract. Recent data show that the incidence of colorectal cancer on the rise, in the common malignant tumors around ranked 4-6; about 4 million people die each year of colorectal cancer, accounting for 5.3% of all cancer deaths. In the digestive tract cancer, the incidence rate of stomach cancer and esophageal cancer after accounting for No. 3. In the U.S., the total mortality of 12% -15% of cancer in male and female cancer patients account for the first two.
Colorectal cancer prognosis and diagnosis of disease when the scope is very clear correlation. Soaked muscle tumor, the five-year survival rate of about 45%; early lesions limited to the mucosa and submucosa Board who, five years survival rate was 90%. Slower growth of colorectal cancer, distant metastasis occurs late, have a higher cure rate, so early diagnosis is important. Infiltration of the intestinal wall is generally believed that 1 / 4 of the time six months; X-ray examination if within two years of negative and have advanced cancer surgery or autopsy, should be missed. Therefore, patients must be more suspicious inspection.
Colorectal cancer occurred in people over 40 years of age, the incidence peak at 50-60 years old, but is not uncommon for young people, about 5% of the patients in the 30 years of age.
Barium enema is the basic method of colon examination, inspection methods in recent years, contrast agents and support the preparation of the application of drugs there have been many improvements, especially in double contrast barium enema has been widely used at home and abroad, made a lot of experience , found in favor of small intestine tumor, improve the diagnosis.
CT scan can show the intestinal wall and the wall directly outside the development of the disease, the CT scan has increasingly become an important adjunct to diagnosis. CT scans can show tissue around the tumor organ involvement and regional lymph nodes and liver metastasis, treatment options will help, tumor stage and were followed up after surgery.
Overview of colorectal cancer in recent years, gastrointestinal ultrasound scan in the clinical diagnosis has gradually been recognized, endoscopic ultrasound can help gastrointestinal tumor stage, it is with fiber endoscopy and X-hypotonic double contrast radiography combined beneficial gastrointestinal disease diagnosis.

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