Nutrition guidelines for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

By | October 25, 2011

Liver cancer patients in medical nutrition criteria are the following two points:
Liver cancer patients nutrition guidelines (1) Medicinal and Edible, food and drug performance has shape, color, gas, ignorant, quality and other characteristics. Therefore, the use of food or medicine (and) drugs for treatment and rehabilitation of health care or nutrition situation is extremely common. Food and drug use, mainly based on the application chosen by the Food and Drug theoretical guidance for the same, that is, the Food and Drug empathy. As the Golden Generation "pro-life pension book" said "things as land and water are no less than thousands of food products, the five-reinforcing and reducing the five flavors of hot and cold, Yijie are yin and yang, and the drugs without knowing special person who … … feeding, transfer and use of, the times are better than drugs … … drugs are not as good governance, good governance, food. "thousands of years, the development process in the pharmaceutical, food and medicine go the same way, the Food and Drug Similarly, food and drug use has become folk knowledge, this is Chinese food nutrition is a major feature.
Nutrition guidelines for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (2) traditional Chinese medicine and food, some properties, in particular, or adjust the body's yin and yang, replenishing the function of blood have been the same, with harmony, a close relationship. From a number of herbal medicine, prescription books is not difficult to find examples of food and medicine with the use, such as black-bone chicken, lamb, animal skin, pig skin, bird eggs, onions, ginger, jujube also have a benefit of yin and yang, qi and blood fill the stomach with or transfer Qi Gong, and drugs can be obtained with the use of complementary role. The large number of recipes, recipes, tea also contains a lot of spectrum can be used as drugs in foods such as wolfberry fruit, Chinese yam and medicine, astragalus, angelica, cinnamon, etc. to improve physical health and prevention of food diseases.

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