Laparoscopic diagnosis of gastric cancer

By | April 9, 2012

1. laparoscopic diagnosis of gastric cancer indications
(1) cancer diagnosis: cancer diagnosis determines the choice of treatment. Diagnosis by laparoscopic biopsy to be clear, especially for those patients with negative endoscopic examination several times.
(2) staging of malignant tumors: imaging studies of other surgical resection of gastric cancer that can be used in patients with preoperative laparoscopic staging correctly, can avoid unnecessary laparotomy.
(3) review after cancer treatment: cancer surgery or chemotherapy, in addition to endoscopy feasible, but also to understand whether the laparoscopic examination of recurrence and metastasis. Anatomical changes in the intra-abdominal surgery, and has extensive adhesions, laparoscopy is not only difficult, but also a certain risk. It should be noted, abdominal tumor Laparoscopy is another complement, not substitute check, therefore, generally after the completion of other tests to consider the need for laparoscopy.
2. Contraindication for laparoscopic diagnosis of gastric cancer patients were diagnosed as gastric cancer, if can not tolerate general anesthesia or abdominal surgery, are difficult to cure coagulopathy and hemodynamic instability are contraindications associated with previous abdominal surgery heart and lung disease as a relative contraindication.
3. Laparoscopy in gastric cancer application value: Laparoscopic diagnosis of gastric cancer with or without a high accuracy rate of distant metastasis, compared laparoscopy, CT of 131 patients with gastric cancer without distant metastasis rate of accurate diagnosis, laparoscopy to 92%, CT was 58%. However, the surface of lesions in CT scan organ is rarely detected by laparoscopic liver or are able to provide precise and detailed before the peritoneal surface of the observation, the present is to check the gastric occult metastasis C <10mm) the most sensitive method. Patients (31 cases by CT also confirmed that no distant metastasis) for laparoscopy, 29 patients with advanced gastric cancer confirmed by laparoscope, to avoid unnecessary laparotomy, and the remaining 42 cases that may be removed by laparoscopy persons, only 1 case of open surgery can not be removed (fixed in the retroperitoneal tumors), gastric cancer to determine whether laparoscopic resection of the accuracy rate of 98.6%.

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