Characteristics of follicular thyroid carcinoma

By | April 9, 2012

Thyroid follicular carcinoma of thyroid cancer accounted for 10% -15% of the total, accounting for 20% of thyroid cancer, ranking No. 2. Visual inspection to see a real follicular carcinoma with a tumor capsule, coated on the often thick with the rich vascular network, the smaller is very similar to cancer and thyroid adenoma. Reddish-brown cut surface, often can be seen fibrosis, calcification haemorrhage and necrosis.
Histologically, the degree of differentiation of thyroid follicular posed. Were well differentiated, follicular structure, more typical, cell atypia are also smaller. Enveloped, blood vessels and lymphatic invasion by the phenomenon; poorly differentiated follicular structures were less cellular atypia greater mitotic also common, can be presented cords arranged in solid nest-like, follicular carcinoma you do not see Rule structure, cell density in lumps or cords, rarely forming follicles. Sometimes piercing the capsule into the cancer cells formed in various vein tumor thrombus, distant metastases often become the starting point, so prevalent in the blood of follicular carcinoma metastasis, reported 19% -25%.
Follicular carcinoma more common in middle-aged women 40-60 years of age with clinical manifestations and is similar to papillary carcinoma, the mass number of centimeters in diameter or larger, more solitary, a few can be multiple or bilateral disease, solid, hard tough, ill-defined. Spread via lymphatic channels, although the transfer, but mainly transferred to the lungs through the blood, bone and liver. Some of follicular carcinoma after surgical resection can be a very long time to see the recurrence interval, but the prognosis of papillary carcinoma less than good. General course of a long, slow growth, a small number of recent rapid growth, often a lack of obvious local malignant behavior. A small number of follicular carcinoma invasion and destruction of neighboring tissue, airway obstruction and other symptoms can occur.

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