International Classification of cancer pain

By | April 18, 2012

International Classification of cancer pain, the current internationally, the pain of cancer patients divided into 4 categories:
(1) pain caused directly by cancer accounts for about 78.6%, such as tumor invasion, infringement of blood vessels, nerves, bones, etc. Road and adjacent organs.
(2) pain associated with cancer, about 6.0%, such as the adjacent inflammation, pathological fracture, perforation of hollow organs, obstruction of cancer and non-specific severe osteoarthritis pain.
(3) pain associated with cancer treatment accounts for about 8.2%, such as organ caused by adhesions after surgery, mucosal damage caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy induced degeneration of nerve fibers.
(4) pain unrelated to cancer accounts for about 7.2%, if the patient has always had the gout and arthritis.
International Classification of cancer pain, for (1), (2) the pain caused by two reasons, anti-cancer treatment to some extent the cancer pain relief, while (3), (4) pain caused by two reasons, the the need for pain and other ancillary therapy.

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