Tumor vaccine

By | April 18, 2012

Tumor vaccine therapy is a use of tumor antigen (or cells with tumor antigen or cell components) for active immunization to stimulate, enhance the body's active specific immunotherapy of tumor rejection immunotherapy.
Is well known that conventional cancer treatment (surgery, radiotherapy , chemotherapy) are often difficult to obtain cure, it is difficult to resolve small residual tumor and metastasis, recurrence of the problem, and these treatments often have significant side effects of the injury and, if we can stimulate and enhance the body Active tumor immune rejection (rejection like that), then it is possible to cure the primary tumor, active immunization with tumor vaccine is essentially a physiological treatment is that it only as an adjunct treatment for cancer .
Tumor vaccine, since immune Liaofa small number of tumor cells only when in order to work, so it is mainly used for treatment of minimal residual lesions after surgery is ideal, in particular, is a radical after the operation and radiotherapy and chemotherapy residual tumor cells after . For some advanced tumors (including metastases) cases of non-radical surgery, and sometimes there may be some effect, to prolong life may reduce the recurrence and the purpose of transfer of control. Clinical tumor vaccine is rarely used alone, but with non-specific immune therapy with or with the surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other conventional sequential therapy with the application.

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