How to prevent tumor recurrence

By | December 13, 2011

Tumor recurrence is common in clinical practice through a variety of effective number of cancer patients are cured after treatment, or clinical cure, however, over time, be cured of the cancer again recurred to the rehabilitation of recovering patients, or have been brought again pain and threat to the tumor can be cured or controlled attention after going to prevent relapse. So how can we prevent the recurrence of it?
Prevent the recurrence of, first, should seek a thorough treatment of the tumor, which is very easy to do to early cancer, radical surgery and rational use of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment in a planned manner fully integrated to prevent recurrence. Although more and more advanced tumor treatment technology, but the treatment by one or campaign especially in advanced tumors are still difficult to be absolutely complete, that is difficult to avoid in vivo survival of some tumor cells, so during the regular treatment, must be followed for anti-retroviral treatment. Anti-retroviral therapy designed to eliminate residual tumor cells after treatment had failed to find or inhibit further development of the tumor. Some scholars claim the tumor by surgery, radiotherapy or high dose chemotherapy, clinical symptoms disappeared, they still insist on more than five years of anti-retroviral therapy. Usually cured on the basis of the original four courses per year 30-40 days of chemotherapy. Chinese medicine treatment in the prevention of tumor recurrence also showed particularly prominent role, as described in this book Zhenguo brand of anti-cancer drugs. As for the specific anti-retroviral therapy, the patient should be considered, disease, the actual situation, under the guidance of a doctor.
Prevention of tumor recurrence, and second, to eliminate or avoid the various factors that promote tumor recurrence, aggressive treatment with tumor-related chronic diseases. Mentioned several times in front of the tumor caused by a variety of physical and chemical factors and biological factors that can induce cancer recurrence and therefore should try to avoid elimination. For some internal factors should also be special attention. Such as the risk of breast cancer in women of childbearing age had to be absolutely contraception to prevent vibration to promote breast cancer recurrence baby. All cancer patients should pay attention to maintaining a good mood, relax, avoid long-term, excessive stress and poor stimulation. The presence of some chronic diseases will reduce the body's immune function of patients with local or systemic functional status, and may induce tumor recurrence, it should be given active treatment.
In addition, prevent the recurrence of physical exercise to strengthen and improve immune function and disease resistance, but also effectively prevent the recurrence of the important part. Rehabilitation after cancer cure in the process, should be based on actual conditions, carry out some training exercise for the patient, such as qigong, tai chi, jogging and so on. Its role is to promote functional recovery of the patient body to mobilize body positive factors, enhance disease resistance and reduce the chance of tumor recurrence.
Finally, the prevention of tumor recurrence, should pay attention to regular or frequent review. This is to prevent recurrence of the failure of the most important remedy, but for all cancer patients should be noted that after cure. Review, including the patient's self-examination and periodic inspection of the hospital. Observe the patient self-examination is mainly in and around the original lesion site without new mass, nodules, ulceration, such as performance, the availability of a new pain perception. Also, pay attention to systemic change, whether gradual increase in fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, anemia, such as performance, in the event the situation should go to hospital.
Despite the recurrent tumors than in the treatment of the primary tumor is more difficult, but as long as early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment, recurrent tumor is curable.

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