What is the surgical treatment of tumors

By | December 13, 2011

Surgical treatment of tumors that surgery is the treatment of tumors of the oldest methods for the treatment of certain tumors are still the most effective method. The concept of Surgical Oncology is now not only refers to the surgical removal of the tumor lesions, the vast majority of patients required in clinical use for diagnosis and staging of surgical means. Therefore, tumor surgery, including: preventive surgery, diagnostic surgery, radical surgery, palliative surgery, reconstruction or rehabilitation surgery. Surgical excision of the treatment of various solid tumors have a direct role in the cure of cancer patients can get surgery to participate in more than 80%.
Surgical treatment of cancer, surgical removal of the tumor biological characteristics from the restrictions that no potential carcinogenic risk of tumor spread to most often not curable with surgery, while surgery can also understand the tumor in the right spot to get the right stage. Some patients may be radical surgery, some patients can not. This surgery for cancer at different stages of the development process related. In tumor induction period, the timely processing of precancerous lesions, surgery may prevent tumors from occurring; in situ period, curable with surgery; in invasive radical surgery of doing more good results obtained; Although most of the spread of the possible loss of cure, but there is still some symptoms improve and alleviate the effect. Therefore, surgical treatment in the natural history of cancer, there are three possible results:
(1) long-term survival after treatment, the clinical cure. Treatment outcome can eliminate all the cancer cells even if a small amount of subclinical metastasis of cancer cells can also be killed by the body's immune function.
(2) failed to control the tumor to continue the development and death.
(3) the development of the tumor under control, the symptoms improved, but in an apparent remission, the recurrence of the emergence of new lesions.
Admittedly, the majority of surgery early and mid-cancer patients is the preferred and effective treatment, but surgery also has its own drawbacks, it is after all to create new trauma patients, for removal of some normal tissues also postoperative complications and have a certain dysfunction. Part of the surgery has some risk, if the tumor beyond the local and regional lymph nodes or invasion of vital organs and large blood vessels, then surgery or the surgery often can not can not be cured. Surgery is the method of local treatment, it can not prevent distant metastasis of cancer cells and destroy cancer cells circulating in the blood. So not all are suitable for use in tumor surgery.
In recent years, surgical treatment of cancer have a lot of development, such as laser surgery, endoscopic surgery, microsurgery and treatment of organ transplantation and other advanced applications, the tumor promoter significantly reduced postoperative complications, surgical success rates continue to increase, so in clinical surgical treatment of cancer still occupies an important position.

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