How to diagnose colon cancer

By | January 3, 2012

Diagnosis of colon cancer (1) DRE: The suspected cases were diagnosed subject to this Act. Check the experience of disease should pay attention to the shape, scope and relationship with the surrounding. Ulceration of the cancer that can often be put on straw with blood and fluid properties.
Diagnosis of colon cancer (2) colonoscopy: a simple and accurate diagnostic method. Check the need for adequate preparation before the intestine and repeated washing intestine, faeces or mucus in order to avoid prejudice to check there. Optional position lateral position. Check should observe the changes in intestinal mucosa, tumor location, shape and scope. The tumor in addition to direct observation of the intestinal lesion can take to do mucus smear examination and biopsy forceps for pathological examination.
Results cancer diagnosis (3) X-ray examination: X-ray examination for the diagnosis of colon cancer indispensable means high. In the barium enema X-ray films, barium can be seen more filling defect, intestinal stenosis, intestinal mucosa or the edge of the irregular pattern interrupt tumor signs.
Diagnosis of colon cancer (4) biopsy: can diagnose cancer. Colonoscopy is often accessible at the lesion site, small forceps through the lens tissue for pathological examination. In case of surgery can be difficult to do a quick qualitative pathological lesions, imprints or smears confirmed.
Diagnosis of colon cancer (5) laboratory tests and immunological tests: occult blood, and carcinoembryonic antigen test, is helpful for the diagnosis of colon cancer.

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