How life care patients with liver cancer

By | January 5, 2012

Today, advanced cancer treatment must be accompanied by supportive therapy to maintain the quality of life. Many doctors concerned about the application of anti-tumor scientific knowledge, but forget the emotional and psychological support is equally important. Without such support, advanced treatment methods may not reach the best therapeutic effect.Liver cancer life care, a doctor must always be well aware that their patients are with personal goals, dreams, hopes and cause of, and oncologists should be implemented not only the highest quality cancer treatment, but also the disease for each a way of life of patients and help patients return to normal or near normal life.
Liver cancer patients living in nursing in the diet should be high protein, high vitamins, high-calorie based. However, liver dysfunction, patients with decompensated liver function should be prescribed to limit the water, salt and protein intake. Should refrain from smoking, do not eat fried, spicy spicy food.
Liver cancer life care, advanced liver cancer have ascites, jaundice, gastrointestinal bleeding, severe pain and other complications, treatment should be based on the active drug with psychological treatment. The patient's desire to survive this period more than enhance, a great need for more family members and health care workers around them, and therefore more to emphasize the importance of conditioning.
Simply asked the patient "how are you feeling," not assess quality of life of cancer patients an effective way. Assessment must consider the symptoms, treatment side effects, physiological function, psychological repression, social relationships, sexual function, self-image and treatment satisfaction and other issues. These problems are not fixed, but with the different stages of cancer, different time, and complications of the disease process or disability such as changes in the occurrence of change, and therefore, no simple or single method can assess the quality of life of cancer patients.
Liver cancer life care, the treatment of cancer patients must not only for their disease, but also must address their social and psychological needs. If the treatment of cancer doctors can better forecast and monitor the quality of life of patients with the disease process, it is possible to avoid the use of large doses of toxic drugs, or even reduce surgical or hospitalization. In the four diagnostic of the interrogation to include a very rich quality of life of the contents of the inquiry is different from the fundamental point of Western medicine diagnosis.

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