Music therapy of liver cancer

By | January 5, 2012

Liver cancer for years to come to the principle of music therapy theories, roughly from two aspects of physical and psychological, comprehensive look at various views on basically the same.
Survey of music on liver cancer patients affected, not simply the role of entertainment, music has a physiological basis for psychological effect, the response is measured, in addition to voluntary movement, the music also produced involuntary reflex activity. With the influence of the music, the body's respiratory, circulatory, digestive, endocrine and nervous, muscular and other systems have undergone significant changes can be measured, and even performance will change the conductance of the skin; rhythms, patterns and melodic line of one particular heart rate and breathing, because it features the human body is very similar to certain activities, but in practice there are some puzzling phenomena need to be explored. Too depressed mood is the main reason for many diseases. People only after the self-expression in order to maintain emotional balance. Music can meet this need, providing people with an emotional outlet. Music is the reality and non reality, consciousness and a bridge between the unconscious. It is through the imagination, balance and meet the people's emotions, to achieve therapeutic effect.
Music to sound in the form of the brain, the role of adjustment through the nerve center of the system function, maintenance of normal circadian rhythms and mental balance.
Music by both physical and psychological treatment of disease.
Liver cancer therapy, on the one hand according to the rhythm, melody, speed, harmonization and so different, you can receive sedation, excitement, pain, blood pressure and mood regulation, and the role of different effects;
Liver cancer therapy, on the other hand, beautiful sweet music can enhance the excitability of the cerebral cortex, can improve people's emotions, to stimulate people's emotions, encouraging the spirit of the people, inspired wisdom, improve concentration, enhance memory, while help the elimination of psychological, social factors, resulting in stress, anxiety, depression, terrorism and other adverse psychological state, enhance the stress capability. Person's mood is closely related not only to the cerebral cortex, but also with human endocrine system, autonomic nervous system, hypothalamus and limbic system has a more close relationship that can cause people relaxed, happy, comfortable, optimistic music, can improve and the strengthening of the cerebral cortex, limbic system and autonomic nervous system function.
Central nervous system limbic system and brain stem reticular formation on the visceral and somatic function of the human body play a major regulatory role. Music for these neural structures can have a direct or indirect impact, through the nerves and humoral regulation, thereby promoting blood circulation, strengthen stomach and intestines and digestive gland secretion, metabolic activity and enhance immune enhancing disease resistance, to the benefit of physical and mental health.

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