How do fever caused by lung cancer

By | November 1, 2011

Fever is a lung cancer patient's one of the major clinical manifestations, causes fever due to lung cancer complicated by bacterial, viral infection, followed by the tumor itself is the cause of cancer-induced fever. With the progress of cancer therapeutics, infection has become the most common complication of cancer and the leading cause of death. According to statistics, 40% to 50% of the patients died of infection in solid tumors, especially lung cancer patients. The tumor occurred in communicating directly with the external environment of bronchial and lung tissue, thereby increasing the concurrent exogenous infection. The group of 50 patients 88 cases of patients with fever fever occurred times, including 55 cases of infectious fever, accounting for 62.50% of times fever patients, also show that infection is the main cause of lung cancer patients with fever. Cancer because of the growth in the larger space of the chest cavity, the tumor has grown rapidly, there was extensive tumor necrosis or tissue destruction, caused by non-infectious fever in cancer, this group of 50 cases of fever in patients with fever in 26 cases there times accounted for 29.54%. Therefore, the lung cancer diagnosis and treatment of fever in the course of lung cancer patients should pay attention to.
Radiation therapy in patients with lung cancer in some patients when there will be varying degrees of fever, lung fever may be caused by:
1. Because radiotherapy, patients have decreased physical, secondary viral or bacterial infection.
2. Necrosis of lung cancer cells absorb the hot material.
3. Radiation-induced lung injury in acute exudative phase.
Therefore, pay attention to fever after identification, can not blindly medication. If lung cancer is the first cause of fever, then the choice to select a high efficiency of drug toxicity, and to avoid application of the drug can decrease blood. If the second reason can be properly applied prednisone and antibiotics. If the third reason, you can continue to observe. Above 3 kinds of situations can be selected according to the dialectical condition Yin lungs, Qi Sheng Jin, or the traditional Chinese medicine detoxification. No matter what the cause of fever, patients should trust doctors, so doctors responsible to the rule, if necessary, may request consultations more experienced physicians to help solve. To always maintain their mental stability and relaxation; also pay attention to proper rest and the combination of the necessary activities; diet and eating to pay attention to adequate digestible, vitamin-rich food; and avoid cold or excessive heat causes sweating a cold, prompting fever worse. More often after treatment, heat can become increasingly better, so completely disappear.
Clinical show that the central lung cancer rates than the peripheral lung fever, and central lung cancer to infectious fever mainly peripheral lung cancer is relatively more heat. Central type of lung cancer-prone bronchial obstruction, distal secretion retention, fever can lead to infection [6], and peripheral lung cancer tumors greater attention when, at this time the tumor necrosis, significant tissue damage and necrosis of things can not be discharged , cancer-induced fever was significantly increased. Therefore, patients with central lung cancer chemotherapy at the same time to strengthen the inhalation, to encourage patients to effectively cough expectoration, keep the airway open, rational use of antibiotics to reduce the heat rate. Of peripheral lung cancer, fever, infection in the absence of oral naproxen under cool, anti-tumor therapy at the same time to give effective support therapy.

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