What is liver cancer ascites

By | November 1, 2011

What is liver cancer ascites? Is a limitation of edema, is the excessive accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. Under normal circumstances, a small amount of fluid within the abdominal cavity, about 200ml, a lubricant, when more than 200ml of liquid can be called when the ascites.
Clinically, if patients with cirrhosis of the liver simultaneously, then the blood test most patients will find lower than normal albumin, mentioned earlier, in theory, that "if the serum protein decreased significantly reduce plasma colloid osmotic pressure, tissue fluid back to the serious retention of the obstruction of blood flow in the tissue, the patient will appear edema, ascites. " Therefore, if confirmed clinically, "albumin" low, immediately request the Western fluids and added albumin, to some extent able to control the general ascites. However, if the albumin is itself normal, indicating that ascites has nothing to do with the protein, when added to the treatment of ascites albumin is almost meaningless. If the albumin is itself higher than normal, then add albumin, it would damage the liver function, which is why some advanced liver cancer patients with ascites albumin supplement 2-3 times immediately after the symptoms appear suited to the exigencies Therefore, if the albumin itself is not low, not to make arbitrary albumin (albumin> 35g / L of the proposal is no longer added albumin).
Clinically, also found that although the patient albumin is very low, presumably after the supplement of albumin levels in ascites energies keep receded, but Shique results that are not, in fact, this is the patient has entered the "critically ill" state of the performance, the body has been unable to receiving any medication, so if the patient albumin below normal, but added that albumin has no effect on the control of ascites, the patient's survival time in days, usually about 1-3 days.
What is liver cancer ascites? Causes of ascites liver cancer include:
1. Cancer cells spread to the peritoneum, stimulate fluid accumulation;
2. Liver damage, blood protein secretion decreased, so that body fluid balance, resulting in the accumulation of abdominal and other organizations of the body;
3. Makes liver cancer cells increased venous pressure, body fluids can rapidly through the liver, and accumulation in the abdominal cavity;
4. Cancer cells block the lymphatic system (lymphatic system);
5. Ascites ascites due to cirrhosis of the liver alone, and its lesser degree of tension, usually transudate; liver nodules caused by rupture of bloody ascites; cancer caused by invasive cancer ascites.
What is liver cancer ascites? Hepatoma ascites and cold heat also causes blood stasis related to each other, together with liver, spleen and kidney function disorders, and early evidence, for a long time for the deficiency, the formation of the virtual real, cold heat and stasis each knot is difficult to eliminate sub- sick for a long time into the network, the blood will stop, which ultimately caused the blood stasis, stop the belly of the water, for a long time to go is hard to be cured without. Adjust the course of treatment focuses on the liver, spleen and kidney, using spleen and kidney, liver Sanjie soft, stasis by water.

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