Health care of cancer

By | January 2, 2012

Health problems is particularly important for a cancer patient. Nurses during hospitalization often have professional care, but we must learn in their daily lives a little nursing knowledge in order to better take care of patients, to restore health.Health care can be divided into dietary cancer care, psychological care, treatment and care, pain management and other aspects.
(1) health care diet of cancer care
Cancer patients due to mood swings, cancer progression, cancer treatment because gastrointestinal symptoms occur, gastrointestinal reactions, such as loss of appetite, anorexia, tasteless. Fraudulent claims, nausea, vomiting, causing weight loss, malnutrition, systemic resistance decreased. Therefore, cancer patients in cancer treatment at every stage of care should pay attention to food issues.
Can be divided into normal diet in the form of food, soft food, semi-liquid food, liquid food, should be based on the condition and physical condition of the patient to choose. In general, almost the same total calories and normal.
Patients should increase nutrition, such as weight loss in patients compared to cable high-calorie, high protein, high vitamin diet, in which patients will gain weight in the short term; on the more obese patients to give high-protein, low fat diet, to save part of the protein and consumption of body fat, because excess body fat may affect wound healing. Suffering from different parts of the tumor and the patient should be targeted meals, such as the liver, gallbladder, pancreas cancer patients to use low-fat diet, gastrointestinal bacteria before surgery to arrange a small residue liquid food or semi-liquid food to gastrointestinal tract to reduce residues. In addition to diet, drinking water is also very important, every day should be a certain amount of time to drink water. Especially the neck radiotherapy patients prone to dry mouth, decreased saliva, difficulty swallowing, should ensure that the water supply. The water is also beneficial to the body toxins, excretion of metabolic products, can improve the human body environment conducive to cancer.
(2) Mental health care for cancer care
Patients usually will have a significant psychological changes, due to habits of view, the traditional view, it is the cancer as an incurable disease and cancer is an incurable illness. Mental stress in patients dying of cancer diagnosis holds exclusive attitude, unwilling to admit this fact, hope is misdiagnosed, hope is benign. At this point we should be more psychological support to patients, caring, warm and patient, to receive love from their loved ones to guide the correct understanding of disease, and actively cooperate with the treatment. Only the psychological balance, in order to maintain the normal function of the system, enhance the stress response capacity, enhance immune function, fight cancer.
Cancer and psychological factors, adverse psychological factors can cause cancer, adverse psychological factors can lead to cancer increased, so the psychological care of cancer patients is very important nursing content.
(3) health care treatment and care of cancer
Treatment is the major aspects of cancer care. Cancer patients have a variety of treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and so on. Before surgery. Patients should be comforted, to enhance confidence. After surgery patients should be observed at any time to help staff the vital signs, such as blood pressure, pulse, breathing, look, whether at the incision exudate and so on. Pain, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, cough like symptoms, but also to observe, timely manner. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy decreased blood cells can occur, each 1 to 2 weeks should periodically check white blood cells, platelets once, too low should stop treatment. Radioactive radiation dermatitis can occur. Chemotherapy drugs can occur irritating vasculitis, local tissue erosion, necrosis, should strengthen the observation. Timely treatment to reduce pain.
(4) pain in cancer care and health care
Cancer pain is often seen in the course of one of the symptoms. This is because to some extent unavoidable advanced cancer pain, cancer surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy may also occur in a certain degree of pain, pain relief is an important part of nursing. Pain is the main method of drug, the choice recommended by the World Health Organization three-step analgesic ladder program, in combination with other therapies, 90% of cancer patients can better relieve pain, medication is the best time before the pain, the patient is not pain or the beginning of the pain.
Non-drug pain relief methods is that we should grasp. Through conversation, discussing topics of common interest to achieve dispersion of the patient, transfer the attention of the pain and eliminate patient anxiety, tension can reduce pain. In addition, cold, warm the painful area can also be effectively deposited relief of pain.

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