Liver cancer therapy – Biological Treatment

By | January 2, 2012

In recent years, clinical studies liver, liver cancer immune gene therapy, suicide gene therapy, adoptive immunotherapy, cytokine therapy and monoclonal antibody treatment of research-oriented has made some achievements, but the overall effect is not ideal. Recent studies have discovered a new treatment new treatment for liver cancer – biological treatment, by the proliferation of small virus carrying the gene therapy for liver cancer, liver cancer treatment shows good prospects.
Liver new treatment – Biological treatment, tumor angiogenesis is an important fast-growing tumor material base has been a large number of overseas studies have shown that promote tumor angiogenesis by many factors, and intervention is the prevention and suppression of this process measures also varied. Currently the drug is effective and thalidomide, IL-12, marimastat (MMP inhibitor), TNP470 (Aspergillus ADM Derivatives), CAlC calcium channel (blocker) and angiostatin and endostatin and so on. Some of the targeting of angiogenesis with agents such as Sa cyclodextrin affinity integrin av3 skin and anti-VEGF antibody short to carry drugs.Liver cancer therapy – Biological treatment is still very weak in China, through research to find a new method of inhibiting angiogenesis is very important.

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