Gastric ulcer

By | April 24, 2012

Gastric ulcer, gastric cancer is often misdiagnosed as gastric ulcer or chronic gastritis, especially young people more easily missed. x-ray showed gastric ulcer with outstanding impact on cavity Xin outside diameter less than 2cm, smooth and tidy mouth, radiating from the surrounding mucosa, stomach soft, well sprung; and Xin Ying large gastric ulcer, and often in the cavity , often refers to the intrinsic compression syndrome and fractured, damaged gastric mucosa folds, partial stomach stiff, dilated stomach and other features. It is noteworthy that some of the umbilical ulcer service, and around the base of the inflammation associated with proliferation of fibrous tissue, so that some of Xin Ying into the stomach cavity, proliferation of fibrous tissue around the level when the uneven height of inconsistency to uplift, easy to be confused with gastric ulcer, endoscopy biopsy should be further made.
In addition, special attention is that of active gastric ulcer healing of benign ulcers and gastric cancer is sometimes difficult to distinguish, identify the following elements:
1. Active gastric ulcer and Borrmann II type of progress in cancer identification.
2. Active stomach ulcer theft and the identification of field-based pan-type early gastric cancer of early gastric cancer (depressed type early gastric cancer) and endoscopic active often difficult to distinguish benign ulcer was diagnosed with ulcers need to biopsy the edge of the pathological examination. The regeneration of epithelial benign ulcer was homogeneous radial or grid-like; and the regeneration of epithelial malignant ulcer is redness or discoloration was uneven, and the emergence of small spots or uneven granular, irregular margin was worm-eaten like, and do not smooth.
3. Healing of benign gastric ulcer and Tin + IIC or IIC + field-type early gastric cancer type identification.
Gastric ulcer, 4. Recurrent benign gastric ulcer and early identification of Type TIC recurrent benign ulcer sometimes TIC-type early gastric cancer type changes. TIC-type early gastric cancer and surrounding mucosa of the line while not rules, but generally can find out the outline of the dividing line between benign ulcer is not clear.
Identification of the above points can sometimes not typical, pathological examination confirmed still, biopsy should pay attention to select the most unusual parts, especially gastric ulcer edges and more biopsies.

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