Primary gastric lymphoma

By | April 24, 2012

Primary gastric lymphoma accounts for gastric cancer of 0.5% -8%, more common in young adults, occurs in the antrum, pylorus and gastric anterior bending.
Primary gastric lymphoma lesions from submucosal lymphoid tissue, which can be extended to the involvement of the stomach wall around the whole floor of the Ministry of serosal or mucosal lesions often incomplete. When the infiltration of mucosal lesions, 40% -80% of the patients of varying sizes, varying shades of ulcers. Its general shape can be divided into mass type, ulcer type, infiltrating and nodular. In addition to the clinical manifestations of abdominal fullness, pain, nausea, anemia, fatigue, weight loss and other non-specific symptoms, 30% -50% of gastric Hodgkin's disease shows continuous or intermittent fever hot mouth X-ray examination showed: diffuse gastric ulcer without rules membrane thickening wrinkle men, there are irregular graphics multiple ulcers, ulcers formation of large mucosal fold thickening uplift the main men; primary gastric lymphoma of single or multiple round filling defect was "pebbles like "change.
Primary gastric lymphoma, CT examination revealed how the thickness of the stomach in 2cm, endoscopic examination revealed a huge gastric folds, polypoid nodules and tumor surface erosion or ulceration. Biopsy should be diagnosed with oral taking into account the primary gastric lymphoma is better than the prognosis of gastric cancer, chemotherapy can have a high cure rate, suggesting that patients before surgery may be endoscopy cytology and pathological examination to determine the nature of disease blind in the operation is not the best treatment options.

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