Gastric precancerous conditions

By | April 6, 2012

Gastric precancerous conditions, precancerous disease is a clinical concept, generally considered to include chronic atrophic gastritis, chronic gastric ulcer, gastric polyps, hyperplastic gastric remnant stomach and so on.
1. Chronic atrophic gastritis (chronic atrophic gastritis, CAG) is a common disease, the symptoms reported per patient incidence of 22% ~ 37%, is the most important gastric precancerous disease. Japanese scholars reported that CAG are to merge early gastric 94.87%, CAG patients with gastric cancer were 0% _13%. Followed up more than 7% of gastric cancer incidence rate of _ 30%.
CAG: If the elderly population at high risk of gastric disease, but young people are also common. Disease is characterized by epithelial hyperplasia, glandular cells than immature, CAG often. The results of Helicobacter pylori gastritis, some patients after duodenal juice into the remnant stomach caused by chronic gastritis, pernicious anemia, a small number of CAG combined immune origin in gastritis. Long history of clinical manifestations, recurrent, throat symptoms, medical treatment without improvement, endoscopy examination showed mucosal erosion, micro-uplift biopsy severe dysplasia, surgical treatment should be considered.
2. Chronic gastric ulcer (chronic gastric ulcer, CGU) early literature was that CGU is a common cause of stomach cancer. Today, CGU for gastric cancer diseases, has lost its significance. Such as Japan National Cancer Center reported that malignant transformation of early gastric cancer were only 0.68% CGU, track 5-year observational study, cancer was observed for more than 9 years was 2.2%. CGU cancer rates may be associated with peptic ulcer treatment improve. On the other hand, the malignant ulcer misdiagnosed as benign, even pathological examination to ulcer disease with cancer are often left out of place.
CGU clinical diagnosis of cancer can not only determine the history, there must be pathological criteria, the so-called Hauser and changes to standards Murakami, sum up, the mark of the UI in epilepsy Pina E to Uill-N-level Ministry of ulcer edge found a relatively early stage of cancer. Correctly judge the clinical benign and malignant ulcer is very important. No more typical lesions difficult, but also encountered some special parts of the atypical cases. Case is a malignant ulcer, repeated several times before biopsy diagnosis of reasons: benign ulcer combined small foci; derived parts of himself; drawn too shallow or inaccurate first derived; In other cases, the benign ulcer War has seen a number of malignant, such as stomach ulcer at the bottom of the huge umbilical tired of benign ulcer or ulcer, penetrating ulcer, etc., of these cases emphasize the quality of various inspection methods and the comprehensive application of various inspection methods.
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