Pathophysiology of gastric precancerous lesions

By | April 6, 2012

Pathophysiology of gastric precancerous lesions, gastric cancer (Gastric Cancer) is a common human malignancy, with the development of science and technology to study, decreased the incidence of gastric cancer, but also around the world, the gastric cancer incidence and mortality accounted for No. 2 of all cancers. In China, cancer is the most common malignant tumor, malignant tumor mortality rate ranks first in gastric cancer patients die each year from over 16 million people.
Age of onset of gastric cancer is consistent with the general rule that the majority occur in middle age, more common in 40_60 years old, average age about 50 years old, only 5% of patients age 30 years of age. In terms of gender, the male than female common gastric cancer, gastric cancer outside the proportion of men and women close to 2:1, and the hair of men and women the proportion of gastric cancer is about 3:1 _4: 1.
Pathophysiology of gastric precancerous lesions
Gastric cancer rarely produced directly from the normal gastric mucosa, before the majority of the cancer experience a long evolution, from normal gastric mucosa into gastric precancerous lesions, some further development into cancer. Now more accepted mode of carcinogenesis proposed by Correa 1988: normal gastric mucosa gastritis light gray cap – atrophic gastritis – intestinal metaplasia and intestinal-type – colonic type intestinal metaplasia "dysplasia (severe) – stomach cancer (intestinal).
Precancerous lesions for gastric cancer research, early 70s from the 20th century, WHO commissioned a focus group made gastric precancerous lesions (gastric cancer but also precancerous conditions proposed) concept has been convened at the international Seminar on the topic 3 times, from 3, and after the seminar papers, monographs published in view, the understanding of gastric precancerous lesions in the steadily deepening.
Pathophysiology of gastric precancerous lesions in 1972, WHO commissioned a focus group, discussed and published the information and recommendations. They will be the precursor of gastric cancer (precursor of gastric cancer) is divided into: gastric precancerous conditions (preca with erous conditions) is a clinical concept, including chronic atrophic gastritis, chronic gastric ulcer, gastric polyps, gastric remnant, pernicious anemia, etc. that patients suffering from these diseases, compared with normal subjects prone to gastric cancer; gastric precancerous lesions (precancerous lesions) is a pathological concept, it is the glandular stomach of a straw membrane lesions, and such lesions may into cancer, which may be the basis for malignant transformation, including certain types of gastric epithelial dysplasia and intestinal metaplasia and so on.

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