Etiology and symptoms of malignant lymphoma

By | October 18, 2011

Chinese medicine, the incidence of this disease and righteousness wasting, cult poison invading close. The loss of organs, blood, the total imbalance of yin and yang pathogenesis. The specific etiology and pathogenesis of malignant lymphoma are described below.
Cause of malignant lymphoma (1) is imaginary evil attack, leaving from marks. Ferrite is true, six evils cult poison, take advantage, leaving not go off evil in the meridians or muscle, and blood gas Competing blood Shibuya Results from blast.
Cause of malignant lymphoma (2) liver depression and spleen, angry Tanning emotional depression, not Shu qi, tribulations committed spleen, or diet, damage in the air, causing the spleen lost health movement, not of dampness, phlegm Health and finally angry Tanning, hair-based disease.
Cause of malignant lymphoma (3) qi of fire, pyrophlegm Results poly Concerned ailments anger, qi angry, for a long time and the fire, burning liquid as sputum, pyrophlegm Xiang Bo, fat-based disease.
Malignant lymphoma symptoms:
Lymphoma symptoms (1) leaching-based Pat-knot disease swollen lymph nodes characteristic. Superficial lymph nodes of painless, progressive enlargement is often the first symptom, especially in the neck lymph nodes is more common, followed by the arm. Starting in the groin or lower on the pulley. Lymph nodes to date from the soya bean large, medium hard, tough fullness, general and skin element adhesion, in the beginning, middle and do not fusion, activities, to late can grow to large, can also be integrated into the group, or even affects the skin, After the prolonged unhealed broken floor.
Lymphoma symptoms (2) systemic symptoms of fever, weight loss (more than 10% weight loss), and sweating as the main symptoms, followed by a loss of appetite, fatigue, itching blast.

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