Etiology and pathology of shortness of breath – Shortness of breath cardiac

By | March 26, 2012

Etiology and pathology of shortness of breath – Shortness of breath cardiac: pericardial effusion, rheumatic heart (disease mitral stenosis and regurgitation measured, aortic valve stenosis and regurgitation, etc.), hypertensive heart disease, coronary heart disease, myocarditis, pericardial inflammation, such as constrictive pericarditis with severe left and right heart insufficiency, shortness of breath.
Left heart failure and shortness of breath due to right heart failure, the mechanism of the two different left ventricular failure caused by more serious. Left ventricular failure caused mainly due to pulmonary congestion and reduced lung elasticity. The mechanism is: pulmonary congestion, the gas diffusing capacity reduction; alveolar tension increased, stimulating stretch receptors by vagal reflex excitability of respiratory center; alveolar elastic loss, the expansion and contraction capacity decreased lung capacity reduction; pulmonary circulation pressure rise the high reflectivity of the respiratory center stimulation.
Etiology and pathology of shortness of breath – Shortness of breath Cardiac: acute left heart failure, often paroxysmal shortness of breath, more than occurred sleep at night. Its mechanism is as follows: the vagus nerve during sleep increased excitability, coronary artery contraction, reduced myocardial blood supply, decreased heart function; small bronchoconstriction, decreased alveolar ventilation; supine position decreased lung capacity, lower body venous blood Rhodobryum increased lung increased congestion; respiratory center less sensitive to lung congestion caused by mild hypoxia response ravioli later, when the degree of increased congestion, lack of oxygen was only when the respiratory center to stimulate responses. Attack, patients often feel suffocated in the sleeping woke up suddenly felt chest tightness and forced to sit up, panic anxiety, cough, light several minutes after the symptoms gradually ease, ease; severe asthma height, pale purple, large sweat, breathing heavy breathing song, cough serous pink foamy sputum, lungs more moist rales at the bottom, heart rate, a gallop, also known as "cardiac asthma", common in hypertensive heart disease, coronary heart disease (CHD), rheumatic valvular disease, myocarditis and myocardial disease.
Etiology and pathology of shortness of breath – Shortness of breath cardiac: right heart failure was mainly caused by congestion due to the systemic circulation. Its mechanism is as follows: the right atrium and superior vena cava pressure and baroreceptor reflex stimulation of respiratory center excitability; reduced oxygen content, as well as lactic acid, C acid and other acidic metabolites pay increase and stimulate the respiratory center; congestive hepatomegaly, ascites and pleural effusion, the limited power of breathing, pulmonary gas exchange area of reduced pressure. Patients are seen in chronic lung servant, exudative, or constrictive pericarditis, no right heart failure, shortness of breath in the main gorge of its system is due to hunger caused by a large number of pericardial effusion or pericardial tamponade fibrous thickening and calcification and narrow, so that diastolic limited due to venous congestion caused by the systemic circulation.

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