Chinese medicine treatment of shortness of breath

By | March 26, 2012

Chinese medicine treatment of conscious patients with shortness of breath shortness of breath is a gas, is often more obvious when the live, often accompanied by language weakness, spontaneous sweating, fatigue and so on. This disease are mostly empty, can be found in a variety of cancer patients waiting organs dysfunction disease.
(1) lack of lung: more by the patient body weakness, wasting, or chronic illness, or lost in the nursed back to health, resulting in less lung, gas nothing to the Lord.
Main symptoms: shortness of breath, both spontaneous sweating, pale, Initials, Finals and low, Shenpi learning ability, often easy to cold, pale tongue, pulse virtual soft.
Governing Law: replenishing lung.
Recipe: Yu Ping Feng San. Min Huang 20g, Bai Zhu 20g, Long wind l0g, add milk 30g, cotton root l0g.
Modified: If and exogenous cold, Camp David is not and, coupled with Gui Zhi Tang. Gui l0g, white Gou l0g, licorice l0g, jujube 5, ginger 10g; evacuation cold, to reconcile business health; if cough and breathlessness and who cough and asthma can be lungs Tang Buyi lung.
(2) temper weakness: the stomach is acquired, the source of qi and blood. If the quality loss is weak, lack of temper, or chronic illness spleen injury, or illness temper weak, transport of the right to water into the valley can not be refined, gas-free birth.
Main symptoms: shortness of breath, both eat less, tired lazy words, stool lu thin, pale complexion or pale, thin tongue coating fat soft or greasy real or moisten.
Governing Law: tonic temper.
Recipe: Six God scattered. Ginseng l0g, Atractylodes l5g, lentils l5g, night Ling l5g, licorice l0g, ginger, jujube 5.
Modified: If the air subsidence, Qing Yang does not rise, breath, fatigue, off Wang, Qi Sun Buzhongyiqitang available; if temper weakness, loss and Spleen, aversion to cold, thin or stool Luk End Valley is not based, available Fuzi Lizhong Wan Warming Spleen; such as lack of loss of temper, and kidney that may cause spleen and kidney yang deficiency management can save labor soup. Ginseng, Astragalus 20g, Atractylodes l5g, dried tangerine peel 10g, cinnamon 10g, Angelica l5g. Pulse delay added when aconite 5g, winter, plus ginger 10g.
(3) cardiac gas loss: more than by the physical weakness, heart qi deficiency, or a thought trouble, Auntie excessive consumption of gas or chronic illness sad, heart qi deficiency weak.
Main symptoms: shortness of breath and palpitations, mind trance, sleep soundly or wake up easily after sleep soundly, lack of mental frame, pale tongue, weak pulse.
Governing Law: replenishing the heart gas, Ning Anshen.
Recipe: sedative Sadashi pill. Ginseng 10g, night Ling l5g, than the nervous 10g, god of l5g, Shih Po l5g, dragon teeth 30g.
Modified: even if a guilty conscience, can raise the heart soup. Astragalus 2Og, ginseng 10g, night Ling l5g, god of l5g, licorice 10g, Bo Ziren l5g, jujube: l5g, Polygala 10g, Schisandra 10g, Angelica l5g, Pinellia song 10g, cinnamon 5g.
(4) Qi and Yin Deficiency
Main symptoms: shortness of breath, breathlessness, moving the asthma aggravated, language low weak, spontaneous aversion to wind, dry face red, pink tongue, weak pulse.
Governing Law: Qi Yin, cough and asthma.
Recipe: Shengmaisan flavor. Codonopsis 30g, Ophiopogonis 15g, Schisandra 10g, Radix l5g, Zhejiang Fritillaria 10g, approved the leaves 10g, basil 10g, Anemarrhena 10g, Huang Ling 10g.
(5) Chinese medicine treatment of shortness of breath in the kidney Tansheng
Main symptoms: cough short breath, respiratory and more smoke less, phlegm, chest tightness, lumbar acid, cold limbs, sweating, palpitations, urinary number, greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse How weak.
Governing Law: Jiangni phlegm, Wenshen qi.
Recipe: Su Qi Decoction down. Su 15g, Pinellia 10g, angelica 10g, tangerine peel 10g, Magnolia l5g, ginger 10g, Shen Qin 10g, cinnamon 5g.

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