Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug docetaxel adverse reactions

By | January 22, 2012

The main dose-limiting toxicity was neutropenia, but the difference is paclitaxel dose-dependent neutropenia and not time-dependent manner.Docetaxel side effects, may have mild thrombocytopenia, the rate was 12.9%; anemia is very common (85.5%), but very few patients developed severe anemia Au (2.4%). Other side effects include: skin toxicity (36.9%), including feet, legs, forearms and hands with skin and scaly patches mill hill, (toe) A abnormal (9.4%), alopecia (54.5%); nausea and vomiting (41.6% ), diarrhea (31.8%), stomatitis (18.4%), pharyngitis (5.5%), anorexia (4.5%); sensory, motor and optic nerve toxicity (27.8%, 12.5% and 1.6%), headache (5.9 %); also have constipation (3.5%), liquid Zi stay (25.9%), weight gain (9.4%), fatigue (20%), injection site reactions (13.3%), elevated liver enzymes (12.9%) , pain (11%), myalgia (8.6%), dysgeusia (7.8%), dyspnea (6.7%), cough (4.7%), discomfort (5.9%), heart rhythm abnormalities (5.1%), hypotension (4.3%), conjunctivitis (4.7%); and drug-related fever, the rate was 18%.
Mild allergic reactions manifested as cancer, itching, flushing, skin Yan, chest tightness, back pain, drug fever or chills; severe allergic reaction about 4%, expressed as hypotension, nausea, bronchial twins recover from illness, diffuse grass Ma Yan and blood vessels and nerves edema, need to interrupt treatment, stop the infusion and immediately after treatment, patients return to normal. Docetaxel adverse reactions, because of severe allergic reactions are rare, so the E trial in Europe to preventive medicine is not routine, but still use preventive medicine in the United States.
Docetaxel adverse reactions, E trial also found two distinct edema syndrome. One is angioedema, usually soon after treatment, with remission after corticosteroid therapy. The other is to stay liquid leak syndrome, characterized by progressive peripheral edema, pleural effusion and ascites, which is not life-threatening syndrome is seen receiving treatment Taxotere multiple patients (for example, effective in the treatment of cases.) EORTC scholars reported 24 cases of advanced breast cancer treated with the drug, 12 patients had a significant and effective peripheral edema or effusion. MDAnderson Hospital of ovarian cancer, breast cancer and non-small cell lung cancer clinical trials also found that side effects.
Docetaxel side effects, like fluid syndrome remains unclear, the syndrome is not associated with low blood pressure, usually reversible, the occurrence of kidney, heart, liver or endocrine disorders unrelated to corticosteroids can make it reduced the incidence. In addition, IT trial further confirmed the toxicity of the drug's skin, including (toe) A change in acral erythema, radiation reaction of reproduction and leather Ma Moldova, dermatitis, erythema, Qiu Liao and so on.

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