Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug docetaxel Notes

By | January 22, 2012

Docetaxel Note (1) must be applied in a cancer chemotherapy drugs applied under the guidance of experienced doctors, drug should be discontinued if a severe allergic reaction, should be equipped with appropriate first aid facilities, closely monitoring the injection of the main functions during the proposed indicators. And be treated accordingly.
Note docetaxel (2) liquid leave travel is a unique side effects of the drug, is common in 4 – 5 cycles after treatment (cumulative dose of 400 – 500mg / m spoon, oral corticosteroids can reduce its incidence.
Note docetaxel (3) abnormal liver function in patients treated with high doses of the drug, and patients received previous treatment for lead drugs in patients with non-small cell lung cancer, while using a dose of 100mg/ml, and treatment-related deaths increased incidence.
Note docetaxel (4) may occur during treatment of peripheral nerve toxicity. If the response is serious, it is recommended that the next course of treatment to reduce the dose.

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