Elements of anti-cancer diet

By | December 31, 2011

Cancer risks to human health as a vicious disease, more aroused widespread concern and attention. For all of us, cancer is not strange, but it is kind of a disease, I am afraid not everyone is clear. Therefore, in our daily life, eating problems, we should note the following:
Anti-cancer diet points (1) Food diversity: recipes can not only meet the body wide variety of nutrients needed, but also inhibition of harmful carcinogens.
Elements of anti-cancer diet (2) to maintain a balanced nutrition to maintain ideal body weight: Obesity is a disease caused by a variety of risk factors, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes.
Elements of anti-cancer diet (3) to avoid excessive intake of cholesterol: low-fat diet can reduce the risk of breast cancer , prostate cancer, colon cancer and direct cancer risk.
Elements of anti-cancer diet (4) food starch and cellulose containing enough food: Many people eat the emphasis on fine food, which led to inadequate diet of starch and cellulose. Nutrition experts believe that this is very detrimental to health. Experts think that we should eat more fruits, vegetables, dried beans, whole grains, vertical class and its products, in order to increase the intake of starch and cellulose, which can reduce colon cancer and rectal cancer.
Anti-cancer diet points (5) Avoid too much sugar: too much sugar can cause tooth decay ingestion is Taijiaduzhi before. Sugary foods are often high fat and energy is high, and low vitamin and mineral content of food. This is clearly detrimental to health, to prevent cancer is also a disadvantage.
(6) is to avoid too much sodium intake: too much salt in the diet is a major reason for high blood pressure, especially for those with hypertension had a history of people who, especially, high blood pressure if not treated . Are caused by heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.
Anti-cancer diet points (7) drinks containing B intoxicating beverages must be moderate: drink more harmful to health. Mouth, throat, esophagus and liver cancer and alcohol overdose related. Drink more, while smoking big risk in patients with cancer. Ethanol containing material is often high heat fast, low vitamin and mineral food low.

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