Eating problems during chemotherapy

By | December 19, 2011

Chemotherapy for cancer patients is a common treatment, the following is eating problems during chemotherapy, please read the patient:
Eating problems during chemotherapy (1) how to do if you do not like to eat?
Sometimes you may not want to eat, feel depressed or tired, or because of chemotherapy side effects, such as nausea, mouth, throat pain and can not eat. If you can not eat long term, the doctor will give you intravenous nutrition. Until it can re-eat up.
When a major problem the lack of appetite, the following recommendations should make every effort to do Eat small meals often or at any time to eat snacks, snack, or meal on the 1st 4-6; If you do not want to eat solid food, as far as possible have something to drink soup juice and other liquids; do try to eat new foods and new food formulations to improve the appetite; If possible, try to walk before meals to increase hunger; try to change the regular meal time and eating places, as a friend or family member eating together, when you eat alone, you can listen to the radio or watch television; to the doctor or nurse about nutrition supplements, and nutritionists can also talk to the special nutritional need.
Eating problems during chemotherapy (2) can drink fine drinks?
Drink a small amount of alcohol helps to relax, to increase appetite. But alcohol could hinder the role of certain chemotherapy drugs or aggravate their adverse reactions. Therefore, some patients must completely avoid alcohol or drink less. To consult a physician during chemotherapy can drink or drink a small amount of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages.
Eating problems during chemotherapy (3) to take extra vitamins and minerals it?
Through the normal, healthy diet, usually need to get all the vitamins and minerals. In the intake of any vitamin or mineral supplements, should, and doctors, nurses, nutritionists or scientists talk about the need for drugs. Too much intake of vitamins and minerals and the intake of too little risk as serious. To take should be to figure out what you need to add vitamins or minerals.

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