Early signs of cancer

By | November 19, 2011

Tumor formation is a process that most cancer patients will show some early signs or symptoms of early diagnosis if cancer is not obvious but it is also an important clue. For these early signals should lead to a high degree of early detection and warning Ae.Early signs of cancer then what does?
Early signs of cancer (1) mass, such as skin anywhere on the body, neck, breasts, abdomen, bone Confucianism and other palpable mass occurs vary in general, can be single, multiple, skin color, as usual, superficial.
(2) mutations in the black pimple or anti-black or defects sudden swelling of the liver increased, the color deepened, exudate, ulceration, hair loss, bleeding, or become rough and so there may be some local discomfort.
(3) unhealed stain finishes in stains on the mucous membrane and skin a long time does not heal War.
(4), cough, bloody sputum unexplained cough, sputum with blood, did not improve after treatment or may be associated with good times and made a slight chest pain.
(5), poor eating esophageal swallowing a foreign body sensation or a sense of obstruction, particularly when the first bite was swallowed or feel chest men Tong. The symptoms of an increasing trend.
Early signs of cancer (6) loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort after eating, abdominal swelling, nausea, or irregular pain.
(7) yuan apparent reason Ambassador stool blood, black stools, accompanied by change in bowel habits, constipation alternating with loose stools, or stool thinning and deformation.
(8) yuan pain hematuria, voiding difficulty urinating blood found in urine, no pain, may be associated with dysuria or poor.
(9), nasal congestion, nasal sister, unilateral nasal obstruction nasal secretions, blood, tears of blood, nose to nose, especially smoke from the mouth spit blood and sometimes accompanied by headache, tinnitus, hearing loss.
(10), increased vaginal discharge, abnormal bleeding middle-aged women, especially after menopause, there comes a sudden increase in a bloody discharge or irregular vaginal bleeding.
(11) Long-term low-grade fever fever of unknown origin, excluding infections and ineffective treatment.
Early signs of cancer (12), fatigue, weight loss unexplained physical weakness, fatigue and weight decreased significantly in the short term.
These symptoms may be early signals of certain malignant tumors, may also be caused by some common diseases, but in any case, should be alert, once found, it is timely to the hospital to be checked.

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