Malignant tumor staging

By | November 19, 2011

Cancer clinical stage of clinical disease, treatment options and estimate the consequences of some reference value. To use more four stages before the law:
Clinical stage I malignant tumors is not, confined to diseased organs is a local, regional lymph node element;
Clinical stage II malignant tumors has increased, but not beyond the diseased organ may have regional lymph node metastasis;
III tumors is beyond the diseased organs, regional lymph node metastasis or restricted and has been fused into clumps outside the region may have lymph node metastasis.
IV a wider range of tumors, or have distant metastases.
Cancer clinical stage, focus only on the tumor more than four local changes are now reflected in both clinical use more local changes in the tumor but also reflect the general condition of patients with early, middle and Ji installment method: the general body in good condition early competent normal marsh basic move. Tumor confined to a part or diseased organs slight adhesion with surrounding tissues, may have regional lymph node metastasis.
Medium body, but can still be in generally poor labor or self-care were generally mild. Tumor near the tissues beyond the diseased organs on dry violations of different degrees, and there is lymph node involvement outside the region, but not the formation of distant metastasis.
General condition was weak late or there were weight loss, exhaustion (cachexia), life can not take care of themselves. Tumor growth beyond the medium range with or have distant transfer.

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