Early manifestations of renal cell carcinoma

By | April 7, 2012

Early manifestation of renal cell carcinoma, renal tumors are rare, accounting for all tumors in our 0.47% 0.66%. Most of malignant kidney tumors, that kidney cancer.
Location of the kidneys on both sides of the deep cavity in the abdomen, which is located behind the ribs, the location of hidden, so no obvious symptoms of kidney cancer in early most of the more difficult to touch by hand. However, as long as strict attention of early renal cell carcinoma also have some "clues" in the performance:
Early manifestations of renal cell carcinoma (1) intermittent painless hematuria hematuria one by one, there is a major feature of renal cell carcinoma, about 60% of patients have this performance. Renal cell carcinoma is very early symptoms of this deceptive, many patients or their families, it is because patients do not see the good times and bad pain and the careless treatment of the results onto the post can not regret too late.
(2) one by one at the waist or abdominal mass palpable hard, uneven mass, that has a larger volume of renal tumors, some 1 to 3 years of age may also occur in children with fetal kidney tumor, and often will be careful Mother found.
(3) one by one kidney pain patients often feel pain or abdominal pain ravioli: renal pelvis tumor only when the cause of hydronephrosis or hematuria of renal colic: embryonic kidney tumor is generally not cause pain.
(4) Symptoms of systemic poisoning – some patients first showed symptoms of systemic poisoning, such as weight loss, anemia, weakness and so on. 10% to 20% of the patients had various degrees.
(5) In case of bone metastases eleven shift, causing bone analysis: a spinal metastasis, can cause low back pain, paralysis of the legs: a pulmonary metastasis, then cough, hemoptysis and so on.
Early manifestation of renal cell carcinoma, the other may also occur on the left varicocele and endocrine changes and so on.

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