Early manifestations of esophageal cancer

By | April 7, 2012

Early signs of esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer, is one of the most common malignant tumors, according to the statistics, men suffering from esophageal cancer, the rate of 4 times more than women, and higher incidence in the elderly. The site of occurrence of esophageal cancer, mostly in the middle esophagus.
As from the anatomical point of view, the esophagus and the stomach, intestines are different, it is not the most outer membrane known as the serosa of the strong organization, but by direct contact with muscle tissue around the esophagus, therefore, once the patient of the esophagus, cancer invasion and metastasis is easy to trachea, bronchus and surrounding lymph nodes, lung tubes, etc., and the deteriorating fast, therefore the early detection of esophageal cancer is of particular importance.
Esophageal cancer early manifestation of more obvious, the main signal is:
(1) stems pharynx when swallowing food being eleven in the early stages of the disease, and usually presents as localized lesions of esophageal small-scale congestion, swelling, erosion, form a small shallow ulcer plaque surge and fighting cancer, when the food through, there will not ring true swallowing discomfort or the feeling of swallowing. If further development of the disease, such as swallowing, dry cake, dry bun, or other difficult to chew food thoroughly, often there will be a sense of choking stems.
(2) esophageal foreign body sensation in eleven patients with similar grain of rice or vegetables themselves as having debris attached to the esophagus, the swallowing high, neither has nothing to do with the consumption of pain, if not to swallow, there is also still the feeling of foreign body, foreign body sense of multi-site location and esophageal lesions consistent.
(3) food and have to stay through the slow and often a sense of eleven Oesophagostomum smaller, difficult to swallow food and a sense of self to stay. These symptoms only in swallowing food, eating after that line disappears, and nothing to do with the nature of the food, even when in the water have the same feeling.
Early signs of esophageal cancer (4) pharyngeal dryness and urgency of food one by one swallow does not always feel well and have mild pain, a bit dry, too tight feeling. Especially in dry or rough swallowing food, this dry, tight feeling made even more apparent. In addition, the occurrence of such early symptoms, and mood swings, and when bad mood, they often feel more obvious and serious.
(5) chest discomfort after the Fullness of patients one by one can vaguely feel some chest discomfort, but neither noted that the site is not, it is difficult to describe the uncomfortable situation.
(6) chest pain eleven patients with esophageal cancer at an early stage that the performance of the more common, often in the chest when swallowing is a slight pain, and can feel the painful area. The nature of pain can be burning like pain, needle-like pain, like pain, pulling friction. Pain severity and nature of the food, swallowing rough, hot food or bland food, the pain heavier: swallow liquid, warm food, pain, lighter. Eased the pain after eating or even disappear. The symptoms of drug treatment, temporary relief of the symptoms, but after a few days or months will recur, recurring, there is a long time.
(7) xiphoid (heart) pain in one by one under the self-inductance-like tingling, burning under the xiphoid, varying severity, often seen in the swallow food, to reduce pain after eating or disappeared: there are continuous pain, with little to eat .
Early signs of esophageal cancer, these signals can occur alone, or it may appear side by side. Some signal a few days, while others break occurred. In the early esophageal cancer patients, not only a very small number (these are just symptoms relatively hidden, easily be a). Only by grasping the clues, timely inspection, timely detection and treatment can significantly prolong survival in patients.

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