Early manifestation of tonsillar cancer

By | April 14, 2012

Early manifestation of tonsillar cancer, although the incidence of tonsillar cancer is not high, but should not be underestimated. Early symptoms of tonsil cancer slightly, and sometimes only a sense of throat discomfort and foreign body obstruction, sometimes with pain, usually susceptible to disease treatment as tonsillitis, but not seriously. However, with cancer the disease progresses, symptoms can appear as follows:
Eleven – such as swallowing difficulties, bleeding, bad breath, weight loss, earache, etc., these are evident in the early tonsil cancer: the
Eleven long-term heavy smoking, alcohol consumption, promote tonsil epithelial edema, congestion and hardens, the occurrence of abnormal lesions:
-40 People over the age of a long-term throat discomfort, foreign body sensation, persistent mild sore throat, the anti-inflammatory treatment not only heal but exacerbations should be taken into account is the possibility of tonsil cancer:
– Eleven in check tonsils, if discovered unilateral tonsillar hypertrophy, mucosal surface ulceration, bleeding, but also to take into account is the cancer.
Early manifestation of tonsillar cancer and found that the situation should be checked immediately to the hospital, if necessary, to make pathological examination in order to clear off in time, and not take it lightly, delay to treatment.

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