Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

By | May 10, 2012

Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer is a malignant tumor in pancreas, accounting for 1% -2 systemic malignancies%, the rise in recent years. The site of the pancreatic tumor growth for up to about 60% or more, followed by pancreatic body and tail, the whole pancreas, at least, only about 5%. Etiology of pancreatic cancer is not yet clear, many environmental carcinogens and chronic pancreatitis in chronic cholelithiasis and so on. In addition, emotional depression, addicted to tobacco and alcohol were a higher prevalence. Location deep in the pancreas, the vast majority of early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is very difficult, once diagnosed with advanced stage. Untreated pancreatic cancer patients, 90% in death within one year after diagnosis.
Deep in the abdominal cavity pancreas, pancreatic cancer symptoms of early diagnosis is not obvious, more prominent, there are three symptoms: (1) anorexia, dyspepsia and weight loss; (2), abdominal discomfort, pain, Rong Dong, about half of patients with abdominal pain as the first symptom About 20% of patients pain can radiate to the back, left shoulder pain increased in the supine sitting, bending, side, knees to mitigate; (3) yellow disease, manifested as yellowing of skin and pancreatic Gong. The symptoms of hepatitis or biliary tract disease can occur so early when pancreatic cancer was misdiagnosed as hepatitis or cholecystitis and cholelithiasis are not uncommon.
Just mentioned, the general symptoms, symptoms of pancreatic cancer also increase with the different parts vary. Pancreatic cancer due to the easy compression of common bile duct, obstruction of bile excretion, but the juice into the blood, most likely caused by yellow disease, liver enlargement, and the stool color was white clay like to eat lighter. Therefore, pancreatic cancer is relatively more likely in the early detection; British gnaw like cancer, primarily by pain, because pancreatic body and adjacent to the solar plexus, lesions easily invaded and nerve pain is intermittent or persistent, aggravated at night ; more occult-like tail of the pancreas cancer, pain is rare, in addition to general weight loss, fatigue, loss of appetite, indigestion, but sometimes with abdominal mass was misdiagnosed as renal disease.
Not easily be identified as clinically diagnosed with pancreatic cancer patients, only 10% -25% would consider surgery, and the cure rate is very low so early diagnosis is very important. Generally believed that patients over the age of 40 recent clinical manifestations of the following, should consider this disease: (1) Yellow Fever were obstructive; (2) persistence of unexplained upper abdominal pain, low back pain; (3) can not explain the weight mitigation; (4) steatorrhea (due to lack of pancreatic excretion, fat indigestion); (5) Diabetes (due to pancreatic islet cells are destroyed, symptoms of diabetes).
In addition, the performance of early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer may also have the following characteristics: (1) onset multiple obvious incentive; (2) the site of deep epigastric discomfort, broader, patients often not easy to point the finger but more accurate in the abdomen large flat abdominal region or gestures will not be placed in charge of the range; (3) does not apply to more than the vague nature, the patient can not clearly described; (4) does not vary with the relationship between diet and some initial feeling unwell after a meal, then may gradually become persistent, aggravated after eating, and diet have nothing to do; (5) or less generally are not associated with return acid, the efficacy of antacids was not significant or lasting; (6) per peptic ulcer disease as cyclical, but no seasonality at all, there is the phenomenon of progressive increase, and gradually into pain, pain and low back pain; (8), accompanied by weakness and progressive weight loss. Although the yellow disease can be the first manifestation of pancreatic cancer, but early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer often does not.

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