Early diagnosis of gastric cancer

By | May 10, 2012

Early diagnosis of gastric cancer showed that the factors associated with gastric cancer with diet disloyal; ingestion of plastic containing nitrite and polycyclic aromatic: strange compounds and other carcinogenic substances in water and moldy food and pickled cabbage, smoked fat foods, alcohol; food lack of vitamins; living environment lack of water and soil in the pounds and other chemical elements; the basis of chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric intestinal metaplasia on there, more than 2 cm in diameter polyps, chronic recurrent large and deep gastric ulcer; trauma and family history of cancer.
Common cancer early diagnosis: (1) upper abdominal discomfort and abdominal distention often have a burning, noisy and a sense of fullness after a meal is particularly evident, and with the progression of the disease, the symptoms become increasingly worse. With these symptoms should be differentiated from dyspepsia and chronic gastritis. Indigestion often accidentally eating, eating and drinking history, and chronic gastritis often have a history of repeated attacks. (2) loss of appetite early gastric cancer is often manifested as a sudden loss of appetite and tired of greasy. This must be distinguished with hepatitis. Fever, hepatitis, and fatigue are often elevated aminotransferases, was tea colored urine, yellow psychosis symptoms.
(3), nausea, instigate gas, acid reflux and vomiting, gastric lesions in pylorus at the gastric outlet, the nausea and the most obvious. If the gastric outlet was completely blocked, it will warm a kind of sour or rotten egg smell, or vomiting, vomit, and more for the Sushi and gastric juice.
(4), upper abdominal pain, pain-free time of early gastric cancer, or the performance of continuous pain, rather than gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer after a meal as a more visible characteristics of pain or pain before meals. If the patient suffering from the original stomach, duodenal ulcer disease, the pain can be sudden changes in the laws, and the original treatment of ulcer disease and effective drug effects suddenly become invalid or significantly reduced.
(5), hematemesis and melena destruction of small blood vessels only if the cancer often appears as stool "occult blood", that although the normal appearance of the Ambassador, but the tests can be found in which blood cells. If the violation of larger vessels early on, the cause hematemesis, tarry stool black or if. Gastric occult blood and melena for the intractable and persistent gastroduodenal ulcer bleeding caused intermittent performance and make it stop after timely treatment.
(6) rapid weight loss and severe anemia because the cancer is a wasting disease, and gastric cancer patients caused by poor digestion and absorption, and gastrointestinal bleeding, which exacerbated the weight loss and anemia.
Understand the warning and early manifestation of the gastric cancer is the key to early detection.

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