Early detection of bone cancer

By | April 13, 2012

Early detection of bone cancer, malignant bone tumor, also known as bone cancer , it is only a minor part in the early changes are often not valued by the people. However, if the local situation has the following changes should be highly vigilant. Malignant bone tumors following three main features:
(I) mild pain, one by one in the case of trauma or no trauma, bone and joint Department will present significant pain, particularly at night particularly at night, with pain drugs ineffective. The exclusion of acute and chronic inflammation of the circumstances, to suspect the possibility of early malignant bone tumor.
(2) one by one bone mass, bone and joint local lumps, grew faster. Mass and adjacent tissue with different degrees of adhesion, activity, poor, hard texture, ill-defined and there is tenderness, mass, surface smooth, and you should shoot early diagnosis.
(3) — malignant bone tumor of the skin signs of skin color are often significant changes, and phenomena associated with venous engorgement.
As long as the one with the above, it should be suspected malignant bone tumor.
Early detection of malignant bone tumor of bone cancer and benign tumors of the main difference is: If it is a benign bone tumor, usually develops slowly, without obvious symptoms early. Only grows in the near joints, long before they can cause to a certain degree of functional impairment or mild deformity: If early detection of benign bone tumor can often see a solid, fixed mass, more than one of growth in the bone ends side of the border and clear, smooth surface and no tenderness; common benign bone tumors as well cartilage tumors, also occur in the area around the knee.

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