Differential diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma

By | November 15, 2011

The main performance of renal hematuria and renal masses, it should occur with the same attention to symptoms and hematuria of renal space-occupying lesions of other differentiated.
Differential diagnosis of a renal cell carcinoma. Renal cysts are the most common need to identify the renal lesions, B-ultrasound diagnosis generally can be identified, such as the diagnosis is not clear, CT examination should be conducted, if necessary, in B-guided biopsy.
Differential diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma 2. A typical renal angiomyolipoma fat content to display negative values in the CT can be easy to establish renal angiomyolipoma diagnosis, if the fat content low, a small tumor or intratumoral hemorrhage cover fat content of the renal vascular smooth muscle lipoma misdiagnosed as renal cell carcinoma. The larger proportion of kidney fat easily misdiagnosed as angiomyolipoma, viable thin CT scan, when necessary to do needle aspiration cytology.
3. Suspected renal abscess renal abscess with infection symptoms and signs can be found pyuria, high blood, bacterial culture and abscess puncture and so can be diagnosed.
4. Renal lymphoma in imaging of renal lymphoma, the lack of features, mostly multiple nodules or diffuse infiltration of the kidney, kidney shape increases, retroperitoneal lymph nodes are involved.
Differential diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma 5. Renal pelvis cancer, adrenal masses, such as kidney metastatic tumor should be combined with history, signs, laboratory tests and imaging studies such as CT comprehensive differential diagnosis.

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