Diagnosis of oral cancer

By | October 10, 2011

The diagnosis of oral cancer, oral cavity including the lips, buccal mucosa, tongue, teeth jump, such as upper and floor of the mouth parts, these parts are likely cancer. Because oral shallow form, patients are often able to see or touch their own most of its location so the early detection of oral cancer easier. Most of the incidence of oral cancer and torn, sharp teeth or inappropriate bad dentures, dentures and other long-term stimulation and friction, and poor oral hygiene and other factors, some also with the long-term smoking habits. The oral prolonged unhealed ulcer and oral leukoplakia, oral cancer is often precancerous lesions. Early oral cancer is easily misdiagnosed as oral ulcers or inflammation, resulting in delayed treatment. In order to early detection of oral cancer, in the event of the following symptoms should be immediately to the hospital to be checked.
Diagnosis of oral cancer (1) oral mucosal changes in normal oral mucosa as the color pink, if that becomes a white, brown or black, it means a change in mucosal epithelial cells. In particular, oral leukoplakia, is considered to be oral cancer of precancerous lesions. If the original oral leukoplakia, has recently become rough thickening or a hard section, oral cancer is more to be highly vigilant.
(2) long-term unhealed mouth ulcers are more common oral ulcer Young, but there are obvious common oral ulcers localized discomfort, but generally not more than two weeks duration. If ulcer symptoms such as burning sensation and pain is not obvious, delayed healing, more than two weeks still no good, you should be extra vigilant.
(3) of any suspicious oral oral tumor mass without symptoms, and there is a tendency to become large or rupture, we also danger signals.
In short, the oral cancer diagnosis was: Where have oral leukoplakia, the recent performance of another rough thickening or keratosis; or illness teeth, irregular teeth, root, broken teeth, inappropriate dentures, dental care, etc., causing the tongue edge of the ulcer and the hard section, and no obvious discomfort, long-term unhealed; or any part of the oral cavity and lips that have mass, hard, smooth surface, long-term who does not go away, we must take into account the oral cavity, should be early to the hospital dental examination and treatment.

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