Diagnosis of gastric cancer

By | April 5, 2012

Diagnosis of gastric cancer 1. Early gastric cancer transformation in X-ray: Early gastric cancer refers to tumors confined to mucosa or submucosa, regardless of their size or scope of a per lymph node metastases. Double contrast gastric low-tension X-ray examination with gastroscopy of early gastric cancer that has great value.
1.1 protruded (I type)
Tumors were round or oval-shaped uplift, to the stomach cavity prominent bulge height of more than 0.5cm, the base generally wide, rarely pedunculated, boundary more clear, but slightly irregular. In the double contrast, the use of appropriate pressure checks after the Dayton agent coating can be seen ring filling defect can be lobulated contour, and sometimes uneven surface, so that patchy lesions, cut bit line can be displayed to the gastric lesions cavity protruding, wide base and clear boundaries of a small filling defect.
1.2 superficial type (II type), can be divided into three H-type.
(1) superficial protruded (IIa type): uplift height of not more than 0.5cm, the compression method showed better performance of granular eminence lesions.
(2) superficial flat type (Ub type): Yuan significant uplift or depression, double contrast examination showed loss of the normal gastric mucosa lesions uniform image, the minor groove of the stomach and gastric cell damage and disappear, but there are certain boundaries visible. The most difficult and limitations of this type of gastritis or benign epilepsy cross Shame healing phase identification marks must be gastroscopic biopsy for pathological diagnosis.
(3) superficial depressed type (IIc type): the depth of his depression, not exceeding 0.5cm, pale in the shadow of Xin, gathered around mucous membranes or interruption, or was kind of like proliferation, Xin Ying edge of the visible traces of finger pressure, the lesions the surrounding area and the gastric groove gastric damage, disappeared, not up to the edge of ulcer, and sometimes can see the limitations of rigid sense of stomach contour.
1.3 depressed type (field type)
0.5cm above the depth of their depression, jagged edges, different forms, most of them slightly irregular in shape. Double contrast and adequate in pressure can be seen after the shallow locked zone exist. Black areas because there are residual lesions scattered Lian normal mucosa, non-uniform coating agent to the lock, was "swamp" like change. Tangent shows the contour in the stomach appear smaller processes, but with different benign ulcer. Xin Ying near the mucosal folds at the performance for the sudden interruption of the main men, kind of like, sharpened or vicious anger was fusion-like X-ray features of the War. Type III gastric cancer at an early stage the most common, but also easier to find.
1.4 Mixed
3 with the above two types of the above features in order to IIc + III type were more common, followed by ten-III IIa.
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