Colorectal cancer X-ray examination of ordinary

By | April 5, 2012

Da Changaiputong X-ray examination: Colorectal cancer is a common malignancy, the median age of 45 years or so to lower colon cancer more common, that is good occur in the sigmoid colon and rectum. More men than women, often secondary to intestinal schistosomiasis, polyps and ulcerative colitis.
Dam enema for small lesions, especially less than 2cm of early cancer and colorectal adenoma shows often difficult, and air double contrast Dayton technology has greatly improved the early colorectal cancer and small adenoma detection rate and diagnostic accuracy rate, has become the conventional radiology examination, but less than 0.8cm of flat adenomas and early colorectal cancer, the double contrast examination is still difficult to find, so X-ray examination is difficult to determine, there are clinical symptoms, colonoscopy must be in order to avoid misdiagnosis.
Ordinary X-ray examination of colorectal cancer type are as follows:
(1) accretive type: occur in the descending colon, mainly filling defect, double contrast-made film on the film see the irregular pieces, flat rigid wall lesions, intestinal bags disappear, like the chip in the mucous membrane, mucosal folds men destroyed by the Lord sometimes visible on the small mass Xin Ying.
(2), ulcerative: mainly as irregular Xin Ying, located in the intestine, sizes, morphological diversity, development along the long axis of the colon, the intestinal wall can occur on one side of the half Xin Ying Zheng, the width of the surrounding formation ranging from ring dike, mostly irregular, showing that pressure trace.
(3) invasive: occur in the rectum and sigmoid colon junction, often caused by intestinal ring narrow, rigid limitations of the intestinal wall, often narrow and symmetrical, the range varies according to the size of lesions; invasion Mucosa folds then disappeared, destroyed or were particles kind of early invasive colorectal cancer X-ray often is not obvious, prone to misdiagnosis, if necessary, colonoscopy.
Ordinary X-ray examination of colorectal cancer: Colorectal cancer often intussusception, bowel cancer violation of regional stiffness, luminal stenosis, lesions occur proximal intestinal motility promoting music can cause intussusception, uneven, light intussusception kind of mucous membrane can be seen coil pattern, the formation of severe intestinal obstruction.

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