Contraindicated in patients with liver cancer

By | April 19, 2012

Contraindicated in patients with liver cancer, one: to be appropriate restrictions on food. Early in the liver, patients often have loss of appetite, nausea, liver pain, bloating, fatigue and other symptoms. At this stage, the bile secreted by liver cells will lower the decreased production of bile, which will directly affect the digestion and absorption of dietary fat. If more fat intake will not only increase the patient bloating, indigestion and other symptoms, but also increase the burden of liver cells. Therefore, patients with liver cancer taboo foods high in fat consumption, such as fatty meat, fried foods, dried fruit, sausages and other food.
B: the quantity of the diet restrictions. Patients with bad stomach, what to eat in moderation should not exposed food, not a partial eclipse, pay attention to the supplementary fruit, liver cancer in patients with advanced and accompanied by cirrhosis, cold erect hard to fast foods such as baked bread dry Health and Luoka, not cooked soft cauliflower; try to eat salad, if you eat it, be sure to chew and then swallow broken. Patients have to eat all meals soft, rotten, so is easy to digest, but also the prevention of esophageal varicose vein bleeding. In addition, patients with liver cirrhosis should be accompanied by pain into the low-salt diet, as prone to liver cirrhosis, ascites, salt and more can increase the ascites, the more severe symptoms of abdominal distention, and further affect the appetite of the disease disadvantage.
III: The HCC patients had different degrees of liver function decreased, if the intake of protein significantly more than the body needs, that is, more intake of animal food, then not only increase the product of protein metabolism in the liver to deal with these burdens, increasing the normal liver load cells, and with the intake of animal protein intake, while a greater amount of fat, increased the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, prone to indigestion, poor appetite, resulting in reduced intake of other essential nutrients, nutrient intake did not appear balance.
IV: patients with liver cancer taboo oil fried, fried food, these foods are often hard and brittle, chewed and still persist after the small hard residue, after esophageal varicose veins with the friction will cause serious consequences; Eat rich crude fiber vegetables and fruits: celery, lily, seaweed, kelp, wide pear, bamboo shoots dietary fiber should be less consumption of more food. Even if the food should be cooked soft, rotten, slowly. Apples, pears and other fruit, peel as much as possible; conditional food processors can use the results of the soil or fruit jam fight for human consumption.
Contraindicated in patients with liver cancer, Friday: spicy and less spicy food and spices. Due to cirrhosis of the liver of patients with esophageal and gastric varices, spicy and pungent spices are likely to stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause bleeding. Therefore, the amount of irritating condiments to have control.

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