Therapy of tumors

By | April 19, 2012

Therapy of tumors, although not incurable today, but it is also difficult to treat disease, because we have to admit patients to obtain a cure or a small number of hail, and most of them are cancer first and second phase of the early Italian cancer patients who = are in the Western hospital was diagnosed with various cancers, and more accepted as a regular treatment surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and some are complemented by traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine therapy righting biological immunotherapy. These treatments are expensive, the full cost as little as ten million; as many as hundreds of thousands of ordinary people in China is difficult to afford, so many of them patients. Especially in rural areas tend to forego treatment.
Most of the police in the first patients were already in the late diagnosis, the current so-called regular treatment. The surgery was treatment, chemotherapy treatment with Chinese medicine righting, although expensive, it does not cure disease; the so-called regular treatment of cancer, in fact, is only the control lesions, the patient's survival long ting = Western medicine treatment of cancer basically a fight against therapy, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy patients will lead to serious side effects, the patient's quality of life will fall, the results of the survival of the patients had limited time to endure great suffering.
Therapy is based on anti-Western "annihilation" as the fundamental purpose of the treatment, their slogan was "eliminate the last cancer cell", which is a strategic foothold for Western medicine to treat cancer. Western medicine in the treatment of leukemia, the use of extraordinary doses of chemotherapy to wipe out all the cancer cells, bone marrow transplant method and then use the extreme weakness of the patients pull back from the dead line. Doctors believe this is the only cure for cancer, with great risk, even if some people saved their lives, but the damage to the body can be imagined, of course, is more cruel and expensive treatment. Western medicine is to this approach is now extended to other cancer treatments, which may represent the future of Western medicine attempts to cure cancer, the overall direction.
Therapy of cancer, but I would say that Western medicine on a thorough anti-cancer therapy even if valid, the scope is limited. Because cancer is different from other diseases, not only a wide range of complex etiology; more importantly, very different malignant cancer. Therefore, this Western autologous bone marrow transplantation or cord blood stem cell transplantation under the protection of the implementation of large doses of radiotherapy, chemotherapy radical law only applies to high grade, a small number of sensitive cancer chemotherapy, radiation therapy; However, for the vast majority of malignant low slow-growing tumors, particularly the highest incidence of elderly cancer patients, this treatment is obviously not suitable for combat, so the patient can not be widely accepted.

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